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 Rhinoshield SolidSuit Leather
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iPhone 6(s): 34.99 – 49.99 USD
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– 11ft drop protection
– One-handed handling is great
– Thin and light
– Will show wear/tear a little quicker than other cases
Potential ProblemsPotential Problems:
– None that we found
Design Rating
(Rhinoshield SolidSuit Leather)
Weight/Bulk/InstallationWeight/Bulk/Install (4.5/5):
– The only case that’s slimmer is the Apple Silicone case (and that’s not drop-rated)
Build QualityBuild Quality (5/5):
– Will show wear/tear quicker than other cases if dropped a lot
– Grippy texture
Protection Rating
(Rhinoshield SolidSuit Leather)
General ProtectionGeneral Protection (4/5):
– Drop-rated to 11 ft
– Decent edges for screen protection
– Fits tightly around the iPhone
– Screen protector provides excellent drop protection
Functionality Rating
(Rhinoshield SolidSuit Leather)
iPhone FunctionalityiPhone Functionality (5/5):
– No issues accessing the iPhone
– One-handed usage is decent
Screen FunctionalityScreen Functionality (5/5):
– No issues with screen functionality
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