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 Speck MightyShell (w/ Faceplate)
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iPhone 6: 59.99 USD
iPhone 6 Plus: 69.99 USD
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– Feels solid
– Faceplate is an incredible screen protector
– Better than the Speck CandyShell
– Drop protection is overstated
– Adds a bit of bulk to your iPhone
– A little slicker than other cases
Potential ProblemsPotential Problems:
– None that we found
Design Rating
(Speck MightyShell (w/ Faceplate))
Weight/Bulk/InstallationWeight/Bulk/Install (3.25/5):
– Makes the iPhone bulkier
– Fairly light
– Faceplate is easily re-applied
Build QualityBuild Quality (5/5):
– Feel solid
– Held up to drops well
Protection Rating
(Speck MightyShell (w/ Faceplate))
General ProtectionGeneral Protection (4.5/5):
– 2x drop-rated but not really
– Screen protector provided
– Multiple layers
– Faceplate provides decent screen protection
Functionality Rating
(Speck MightyShell (w/ Faceplate))
iPhone FunctionalityiPhone Functionality (4/5):
– Extra large port cutouts
– Buttons are easy to use
– Design of the faceplate allows for great access of the iPhone’s touchscreen
Screen FunctionalityScreen Functionality (4/5):
– One of the best screen protectors that we’ve used
– Perfect clarity, no extra reflections
– Screen protector is glued on so no gap between screen and iPhone
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