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 Moshi iGlaze Armour
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iGlaze iPhone 6: $34.99 USD
iGlaze iPhone 6+: $44.99
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– Thin and light
– Great access to buttons and ports
– Looks stylish
– Back plates on older models may peel
Potential ProblemsPotential Problems:
– None
Design Rating
(Moshi iGlaze Armour)
Weight/Bulk/InstallationWeight/Bulk/Install (4.5/5):
– Light
– Doesn’t add a lot of bulk
Build QualityBuild Quality (5/5):
– Feels solid
– iGlaze Armour isn’t as “grippy” as the regular version
Protection Rating
(Moshi iGlaze Armour)
General ProtectionGeneral Protection (1.5/5):
– More of the iPhone is exposed due to cutout
– Edges are high enough to keep the iPhone’s camera off a flat surface
– Single layer around edges
– No screen protector
Functionality Rating
(Moshi iGlaze Armour)
iPhone FunctionalityiPhone Functionality (5/5):
– Cutouts for headphone jacks and lightning port connectors are large
– Excellent access to the iPhones buttons
– No noticeable signal attenuation from metal back
Screen FunctionalityScreen Functionality (5/5):
– No issues
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