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 Spigen Neo Hybrid (and Crystal)
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iPhone 6(s): 34.99 USD
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– Back of the regular Neo Hybrid has a lot of texture
– Provides compariable protection to the Tough Armor
– Certain versions of the case will slide around easier
Design Rating
(Spigen Neo Hybrid)
Design– One of Spigen’s largest cases
– Case fits well with S7 if installed properly
– Normal version of the case slides around easily
– Not noticeable on the S7
– Crystal version will show wear/tear/fingerprints more than the normal
– Corners don’t sit in palm well
Protection Rating
Protection– Multi-layered case
– Edges provide screen protection
– No issues with dust/debris
– Normal version is drop-rated/Crystal version is not
– No screen protector included
Functionality Rating
Functionality– Buttons are easy to use/find
– No extra versatility
– Edges do not interfere with screen
– No issues with hardware access
– Crystal version is better with one-handed usage
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