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 Otterbox Commuter
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iPhone 7: $39.95 USD
iPhone 7+: $49.95 USD
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– Tougher than the average slim iPhone case
– Handles slightly better than the Symmetry
– Larger than the average case
– Back is quite slick
– What happened to the screen protector?
Design Rating

(Otterbox Commuter)
Design– Wider and thicker than other cases
– iPhone 7 fits well in the Commuter
– Back is slick
– Weight and bulk isn’t terribly noticeable
– Will hold up well over time
– Despite being slick, palm slippage is minimal
Protection Rating

(Otterbox Commuter)
Protection– Multi-layred case
– Edges keep screen off a flat surface
– One of the few cases with port covers
– Otterbox Certified Drop-Protection (we’d feel safe dropping the case from 4 ft)
– No screen protector included (the iPhone 6 and S7 versions did!)
Functionality Rating

(Otterbox Commuter)
Functionality– Decent access to buttons
– No extra versatility
– No issues with screen functionality
– No issues with hardware access
– Despite the slick back, the Commuter handles quite well
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