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 Apple Silicone Case
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iPhone 7: $45 USD
iPhone 7+: $49 USD
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– Slim and tiny
– Greatly improves the handling of the iPhone
– Provides minimal protection
– Certain colors may get dirty quicker
Design Rating

(Apple Silicone Case)
Design– Makes the iPhone 17% thicker (that’s not a lot)
– One of the lighest cases we’ve reviewed
– iPhone 7 fits very well
– Grippy front and back
– Weight and bulk isn’t noticeable at all
– Holds up well over time (some colors might now)
– Whole case has tons of texture
Protection Rating

(Apple Silicone Case)
Protection– Single layered cases
– Edges keep screen off a flat surface
– Average dust/debris protection (buttons are covered)
– Not drop-rated
– No screen protector included
Functionality Rating

(Apple Silicone Case)
Functionality– Great access to buttons
– iPhone isn’t going to slip out of your hand
– No issues with screen functionality
– No issues with hardware access
– Easy to use one-handed
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