Side by side comparison for Spigen Hybrid Armor – Spigen Slim Armor

 Spigen Hybrid ArmorSpigen Slim Armor
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*The score is closer to a Spigen Tough Armor if you get one with a soft rubber coat (grey or black). This score is for the clear backed Slim Armors.
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iPhone 7/7+: $29.99 USD
iPhone 7/7+: $29.99 USD
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– One of the best handling Spigen cases for the iPhone 7
– Better than average protection
– Did we mention the handling?
– Soft-rubber coated versions handle VERY well
– Clear versions look awesome (but aren’t soft-rubber coated)
– Built-in kickstand (on some versions)
– Assuming that soft-rubber coating doesn’t apply for all colors of the case
– Lots of variations between the same case (coating, colors, materials)
Design Rating

(Spigen Hybrid Armor)

(Spigen Slim Armor)
Design– 25% lighter than most cases
– Case fits well
– Hybrid Armor won’t slide around easily
– Bulk of the case isn’t noticeable
– Back will scratch easier than Otterbox cases
– TPU portions stay in the hand well and the soft-rubber coated back is awesome on the fingers
– A tad wider but lighter than the average iPhone case
– iPhone 7 fits well
– Grippy front and back (on certain versions)
– Weight and bulk isn’t noticeable at all
– Polycarbonate backs may scratch
– Lighter colored versions of the cases are slick
Protection Rating

(Spigen Hybrid Armor)

(Spigen Slim Armor)
Protection– Single-layered case
– Decent screen protection from low edges
– Average dust protection
– Drop-rated to MIL-STD 810G
– No screen protector included
– Mutli-layered case (protected by air?)
– Edges keep screen off a flat surface
– Great dust protection
– Drop-rated to at least 4 ft
– No screen protector included
Functionality Rating

(Spigen Hybrid Armor)

(Spigen Slim Armor)
Functionality– Great access to buttons
– The handling of the case is a bar above everybody else
– No issues with screen functionality
– No issues with hardware access
– Decent one-handed usage
– Great access to buttons
– Comes with a kickstand
– No issues with screen functionality
– No issues with hardware access
– Harder to use one-handed with lighter versions of the case
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