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 Q Card Case
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iPhone 7/7+: $39.99 USD
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– Decent texture on the case
– Looks fancier than other wallet cases
– Kickstand compatible
– Easy to access cards
– Larger than an average case(but it does carry cards!)
Design Rating

(Q Card Case)
Design– Thicker but not wider than other wallet cases
– Q Card Case fits the iPhone well
– Will slide around a small amount
– Case isn’t that noticeable in terms of bulk
– No issues with the wear and tear
– Texture on the case improves handling
Protection Rating

(Q Card Case)
Protection– Air pockets in the corner provide extra protection
– Average screen protector from edges
– Average dust/debris protection
– Not drop-rated but can take any accidental drop
– No screen protector
Functionality Rating

(Q Card Case)
Functionality– Great access to buttons
– Wallet can hold 3 cards (or 2 cards and cash from our usage)
– Can be used as a kickstand for the iPhone
– No issues with screen functionality
– No issues with hardware access
– Decent one-handed usage
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