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 Tech 21 Impact Clear
(Score lowered – Oct. 2016)
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iPhone 7/7+: $39.99 USD
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– Tiny and slim
– Above average drop-protection
– Will slide around easily
– Will yellow over time (Oct. 2016 update)
– May absorb pant colors (we’ve seen one occurrence of this)
Design Rating

(Tech 21 Impact Clear)
Design– It’s almost like there is no case!
– Fits the iPhone well
– Back is quite slick
– Feels like a normal iPhone
– Will hold up better than other clear cases due to frosted back
– Case will yellow over time (though you probably won’t notice it)
– Rubber front edge greatly improves the texture of the case
Protection Rating

(Tech 21 Impact Clear)
Protection– Dual layered case
– Edges provide decent screen clearance
– Buttons are covered
– Drop-rated to 1.5M or 5 ft (odd height)
– No screen protector included
Functionality Rating

(Tech 21 Impact Clear)
Functionality– Buttons are very easy to use
– No extra versatility
– No issues with screen functionality
– No issues with hardware access
– One-handed usage is decent
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