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 Ballistic Tungsten Ultra Slim
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iPhone 7: $39.99 USD
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– Metallic back is neat
– TPU sleeve is loose
– Bulky (it’s not slim at all)
– Sides are quite slick
Design Rating

(Ballistic Tungsten Ultra Slim)
Design– Adds 60%to the thickness of your iPhone
– TPU sleeve is a bit loose
– Back of the case will slide around
– Bulk is noticeable
– Wears well over time
– Lots of texture on the case
Protection Rating

(Ballistic Tungsten Ultra Slim)
Protection– Dual layered case
– Edges provide decent screen clearance
– Buttons are covered
– Drop-rated to 4 ft
– No screen protector included
Functionality Rating

(Ballistic Tungsten Ultra Slim)
Functionality– Buttons are easy to use
– No extra versatility
– No issues with screen functionality
– No issues with hardware access
– Hard to use with one-hand due to the slickness of the sides
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