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 Danny P Wallet
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iPhone 7: $129.99 USD
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– An actual wallet replacement
– Real leather
– Doesn’t look like a case
– Bulky
– Access to the iPhone in the case is non-existent
– Expensive
Design Rating

(Danny P Wallet)
Design– iPhone’s thickness will get lost in a fully loaded wallet
– Fits the iPhone well
– Real leather
– Wallet won’t slide around
– Bulk is VERY noticeable
– Leather wears well over time
– Bulk is easy to handle
Protection Rating

(Danny P Wallet)
Protection– Lots of leather protecting the iPhone
– Screen is well protected
– Screen may get scratched while sliding in/out of wallet
– Not-drop rated
– Wallet acts as a screen protector
Functionality Rating

(Danny P Wallet)
Functionality– iPhone is completely usable (when out of the wallet)
– Leather wallet case that carries more than the average 2-3 cards + bills
– No issue with screen functionality (when out of wallet)
– No issues with hardware access
– No issues with handling
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