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 Dog & Bone Wetsuit
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iPhone 7: $79.95 USD
iPhone 7 Plus: $89.95 USD
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– No screen protector but is still waterproof!
– Fairly slim for a waterproof case
– Buttons are a little tough
– Needs more texture for grip
– Edges get in the way of screen access
– Below average sound/call quality
Design Rating

(Dog & Bone Wetsuit)
Design– Adds approx. 3 m of thickness to your iPhone
– Edge of the case has a noticeable edge
– Front of the case will slide around easily
– Fairly light (40g)
– Wears well over time
– Front of the case is slick
Protection Rating

(Dog & Bone Wetsuit)
Protection– Came apart after one 4ft drop
– High edges provide screen protection
– Waterproof to 6.6ft/2m
– Drop-rated to 6.6ft/2m
– No screen protector
Functionality Rating

(Dog & Bone Wetsuit)
Functionality– Below average sound/call quality
– Able to attach a wrist strap
– Plugs are removable (useful if you tear them)
– Buttons are tougher to use
– High edges get in the way of screen usability
– No issues with camera
– Port cutout is quite small
– Hard to use with one hand
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