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 Loopy Case
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iPhone 7/7 Plus: $35.00 USD
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– Offers the best handling out of any iPhone case
– iPhone will never fall if used properly
– Improved Loop from iPhone 6
– A potential conversation starter?
– Loop makes the iPhone oddly shaped
Design Rating

(Loopy Case)
Design– Case itself is very small, loop makes it slightly bigger
– Loop is has been improved from iPhone 6 version
– Fits the iPhone well
– Won’t slide around easily
– Average weight
– Will wear quicker than other cases
– Great texture on the case
Protection Rating

(Loopy Case)
Protection– Single layered case
– Decent screen protection from edges
– Average dust/debris protection
– Not drop-rated (*See functionality below)
– No screen protector included
Functionality Rating

(Loopy Case)
Functionality– No issues accessing iPhone buttons
– The best one-handed usage
– iPhone will NEVER fall out of your hand if used properly
– Loop doubles as a stand
– Greatly improves the handling of the iPhone
– No issues with screen functionality
– No issues with hardware access
– One-handed usage is AMAZING
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