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 HitCase Pro
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iPhone 7: $149.99 CDN
iPhone 7 Plus: TBA
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– Waterproof up to 33ft (Snorkelling!)
– iPhone is easy to use in the case
– Feels solid
– Lots of mounting options
– Can’t access mute switch
– Will show wear/tear quicker than other cases
Design Rating

(HitCase Pro)
Design– BIG case
– Feel VERY solid (aluminum case)
– Back slides around easily
– Noticeable weight (87 g)
– Case will scratch easier than other cases
– Shock Seal improves the handling
Protection Rating

(HitCase Pro)
Protection– Took every concrete drop like a champ!
– Edges provide LOTS of screen protection
– Waterproof to 33ft! (Perfect for snorkelling)
– Drop-rated to 16ft/5m (survived 12 ft face first drop)
– Thick plastic screen protector
Functionality Rating

(HitCase Pro)
Functionality– Average sound, decent call quality
– Can attach a wrist strap
– Can mount it to a selfie pole
– Compatible with GoPro accessories
– Swappable lenses
– Waterproof without lenses
– Clear case
– Camera/Flash can be used (when there is no lens attached)
– Small port cutout, mute switch unaccessible)
– One-handed usage is decent
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