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 Moshi MetaCover
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$74.95 USD
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None really, this is really a “one-of-a-kind-case”
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– Very useful
– Multiple-mounting scenarios
– VersaCover is awesome
– It will turn your iPad into a brick
– Very thick
Design Rating
(Moshi MetaCover)
Design– One of the biggest cases we’ve reviewed for the iPad
– Fits the iPad well
– Will NOT slide around easily
– Weighs 424g (basically the weight of another iPad)
– Holds up well to use
– All parts are grippy
Protection Rating
Protection– Lots of things to absorb shocks from drop
– High edges for screen protection
– No issues with dust/debris
– Not drop-rated but we’d drop it regardless
– VersaCover provides decent screen protection
Functionality Rating
Functionality– Buttons are tough to use
– Able to remove the iPad from the cover and still keep the case on
– Mountable to walls and fridges (mounts are extra)
– Multiple viewing angles
– Not Apple Keyboard Compatible
– Lots of texture improves handling
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