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– A tough iPhone case made from glass
– Tempered glass on the case is awesome
– Keeps the thinness of the iPhone while maintaining tough protection
– Great screen viewability/usability
– Finicky to uninstall
– TPU bumper is a little loose
– TPU bumper shows wear and tear a little quicker than other cases (Amzer is fixing this)
Potential ProblemsPotential Problems:
– If the glass breaks on the case (not from edge drops), the case will not look nice (and might be more dangerous)
Design Rating

(Amzer Crusta)
Weight/BulkWeight/Bulk (3/5):
– Amzer Crusta will double the thickness of your iPhone (not bad for a tough case)
– The back of the case sits recessed in the case making it feel thinner than it actually is
InstallEase of Installation (3.5/5):
– 2+ pieces to install
– Taking the case apart is a little tougher than other cases
Build QualityBuild Quality (3/5):
– The TPU bumper gets loose, lifts out of the ridges easily
– Taking it out of the holster may lift the bumper of the ridge
Protection Rating

(Amzer Crusta)
Shock ProtectionShock Protection (4/5):
– Droppable from a height of 6 ft
– Glass back will break if purposely dropped back first onto rocks
Water/Dust ProtectionWater/Dust Protection (1.5/5):
– This tough iPhone 6 cases doesn’t provide much in terms of water/dust protection
– Camera cutouts and Touch ID cutouts allow dust/debris to enter the case
Screen ProtectionScreen Protection (5/5):
– Included is a Kristal tempered glass screen protector
– Can withstand direct, face first drops onto rocks
Functionality Rating

(Amzer Crusta)
iPhone FunctionalityiPhone Functionality (4.5/5):
– Power and volume buttons are very easy to get to
– Mute switch is easy and unique
– Easy access to hardware ports (allows to use larger cables)
– Sound is not effected
Screen UsabilityScreen Usability (5/5):
– Kristal tempered screen protector allows for great access to your iPhone’s touchscreen
Screen ViewabilityScreen View-ability (5/5):
– Kristal tempered screen protector allows for great view-ability to your iPhone
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