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 Tech 21 PatriotBallistic Hardcore
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Full Review
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– Very tough (iPhone did survive a 13 ft drop_
– Well-built
– Easy access to buttons & ports
– Well designed case
– Very tough
– Belt holster works well
– Great screen viewability/usability
– Screen sensitivity is reduced by this case
– Viewability of your iPhone is extremely poor
– Dust protection is a little lacking
– Finicky to install
– Very bulky
Potential ProblemsPotential Problems:
– None that we noticed
Potential Problems:
– The Ballistic Hardcore will need to be cleaned of dust/debris to ensure it doesn’t damage your iPhone 6 due to low dust protection
Design Rating

(Tech 21 Patriot)

(Ballistic Hardcore)
Weight/BulkWeight/Bulk (2.5/5):
– One of the biggest cases that we’ve reviewed
– Adds quite a bit of weight to your iPhone 6/6 Plus
Weight/Bulk/Install (2.5/5):
– The Ballistic Hardcore will more than quadruple the thickness of your iPhone 6
– The bulk is offset by the removable rubber bumper which results in the case being only twice as thick as the iPhone 6
InstallEase of Installation (4/5):
– Installing the Tech 21 Patriot is easy
– Taking the case off is much harder
Ease of Installation (3.5/5):
– This tough iPhone 6 case is a little more finicky to install. Ports flaps tend to get in the way during installation
Build QualityBuild Quality (5/5):
– Great texture on the case
– Good blend of materials
– Feels “grippy”
– Belt-holster is quite useful
– Holds up to abuse well
Build Quality (5/5):
– The materials of the Ballistic Hardcore feel tough
– Screen protector doesn’t scratch like other Ballistic cases
– 12 ft drops resulted in minimal scuffing on case
Protection Rating

(Tech 21 Patriot)

(Ballistic Hardcore)
Shock ProtectionShock Protection (5/5):
– 13 ft drop protection (check out the review video to see us drop an iPhone 6 Plus from 13 ft)
Shock Protection (5/5):
– The Ballistic Hardcore is one of the few cases that provide 12 ft protection
Water/Dust ProtectionWater/Dust Protection (1.5/5):
– This tough iPhone 6/6 Plus case isn’t waterproof
– Headphone jack/lightning port are well protected
– Most of the speakers/mics are covered with a membrane
– Touch ID area is covered
Water/Dust Protection (1.5/5):
– This iPhone 6 cases doesn’t provide much in terms of water/dust protection. Camera cutouts and Touch ID cutouts allow dust/debris to enter the case
Screen ProtectionScreen Protection (4/5):
– Thick screen protector
– Edges keep the iPhone’s touch screen off a flat surface
Screen Protection (4/5):
– Thick plastic screen protector that stretches over most of the front of the iPhone
– Substantial edge (1/4 inch) provides decent clearance for the iPhone touchscreen
Functionality Rating

(Tech 21 Patriot)

(Ballistic Hardcore)
iPhone FunctionalityiPhone Functionality (5/5):
– Power and volume buttons are easy to get to
– Mute switch access is really nice
– Touch ID membrane works
– Able to use larger than average cables and headphones
iPhone Functionality (5/5):
– Power and volume buttons are very easy to get to
– Easy access to hardware ports
– Sound is not effected
– Touch ID cutout is high but doesn’t get in the way of using the sensor
Screen UsabilityScreen Usability (2/5):
– Screen protector feels “rubbery”. Fingers don’t glide on the iPhone’s touchscreen
– Noticeable gap between screen protector and screen
– Sensitivity loss due to gap
Screen Usability (4.5/5):
– No gap between the Ballistic Hardcore’s screen protector and the iPhone 6
– Screen protector extends past the touchable area which ensures that you can access your swipe menus
Screen ViewabilityScreen View-ability (2/5):
– Increase glare and reflection due to the gap in the screen protector
– Diffuses the iPhone’s touchscreen
– Fingerprinting is very noticeable
Screen View-ability (4/5):
– Minor diffusion of the Retina HD screen of the iPhone 6
– Since the screen protector sets almost flush on the iPhone 6, the glare and and reflections are minimized
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