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 Tech Armor Ballistic Glass
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– Installation is easy
– Rounded edges are nice
– Not as durable as other screen protectors
– Mild bending after re-application
Potential ProblemsPotential Problems:
– Re-applying the screen protector resulted in bubbling that disappeared in 3-4 days
Design Rating
Installation/FitFit/Install (2.5/5):
– Doesn’t cover the whole iPhone screen
– Easy to install (Tech Armor provides lots of tools to aid in install)
Build QualityBuild Quality (2.5/5):
– Fairly thin
– Edges chipped during a small drop
– Screen protector started to crack around scratches
Protection Rating
Scratch ProtectionScratch Resistance (2.5/5):
– Protects against keys and coins
– Protected iPhone from a drill
– Sand paper scratched the screen fairly badly
Impact ProtectionImpact Protection (3/5):
– Assumed to provide as much protection as the iPhone’s glass at 18 inches with our 200 g ball
– Did not perform Bertha test due to damage to the screen protector
Functionality Rating
ViewabilityiPhone Viewability (4/5):
– No additional glare
– iPhone’s HD clarity is maintained
– Finger printing isn’t a real issue
Screen SensitivityScreen Functionality (5/5):
– Doesn’t get in the way of accessing your iPhone
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