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 MIME Feather+Glass
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iPhone 6: $29.95 USD
iPhone 6 Plus: $31.95 USD
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– Thin
– Easily breaks
Potential ProblemsPotential Problems:
– The edges chip incredibly easy
Design Rating
Installation/FitFit/Install (2/5):
– Doesn’t cover the whole iPhone screen
– Decent installation tools
Build QualityBuild Quality (1.75/5):
– Pressing down on the glass will break it around the edges
Protection Rating
Scratch ProtectionScratch Resistance (1.75/5):
– Protects against keys and coins
– Protected iPhone from a drill
– Sand paper scratched the screen fairly badly
Impact ProtectionImpact Protection (3/5):
– Assumed to provide as much protection as the iPhone’s glass at 18 inches with our 200 g ball
Functionality Rating
ViewabilityiPhone Viewability (4/5):
– No additional glare
– iPhone’s HD clarity is maintained
– Really awesome fingerprinting resistance
Screen SensitivityScreen Functionality (5/5):
– Doesn’t get in the way of accessing your iPhone
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