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 Microsoft Band 2
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$329.99 USD
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– Compatible with both Android and iPhones
– Tracks fitness activities better than Fitbit Charge HR, Surge and Blaze
– Easy to wear
– Better battery life than Apple Watch
– Buckle is thick, gets in the way sometimes
– Poor app store
Potential ProblemsPotential Problems:
– None that we found
Design Rating
DesignDesign (4/5):
– Easy to adjust (Better than anything Fitbit)
– Bright AMOLED screen
– Buckle is the thickest part of the device
– Buckle scraps against whatever your wrist is resting on
Durability Rating
Battery LifeBattery Life (2.5/5):
– 2 day battery
ProtectionProtection (4/5):
– Water resistant
– Scratch resistant against keys and coins
Functionality Rating
SoftwareSoftware (3.5/5):
– Syncs with both iPhones and Android phones
– Limited to 8 apps/tiles
– App store is lacking
– Guided workouts are changed via web (not app)
HandlingHandling (5/5):
– Touch enabled
– Buttons are fairly easy to use
– Viewable in direct sunlight
Information DisplayUI (5/5):
– Notification system is simplistic
– Reading information on band takes a bit of getting use to
– Guided Workouts feature isn’t terribly useful
SensorsSensors (5/5):
– UV sensor
– (Lots of other sensors that we felt were important to list)
PracticalityPracticality (3.5/5):
– Useful but not habit changing
– Inactivity monitoring
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