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 Fitbit Surge
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$299.95 USD
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– Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring
– Feels comfortable
– Proactive fitness monitoring
– Limited smartwatch functionality
– No 3rd Party App support
– Limited notifications
Potential ProblemsPotential Problems:
– Heart rate monitoring may not be accurate due to the movement of the Fitbit Surge
Design Rating
DesignDesign (1.5/5):
– Doesn’t show excessive wear/tear
– Strap is noticeable (especially when using a laptop)
– Looks bulky and awkward
Durability Rating
Battery LifeBattery Life (5/5):
– 7 day battery
– Charges using a custom cable type
ProtectionProtection (5/5):
– Water resistant to 5 ATM
– Scratch resistant against keys and coins
Functionality Rating
SoftwareSoftware (3.5/5):
– Mobile & desktop sync
– NO 3rd party app support
– Fitbit software works well
HandlingHandling (4.5/5):
– Touch-enabled
– Navigation accomplished using both touch and buttons
– Viewable in direct sunlight (backlight for darker environments)
Information DisplayUI (2.5/5):
– Limited smartwatch features
– Notifications only for calls and texts (you can’t answer phone calls)
– Limited number of clock faces
SensorsSensors (4/5):
– Can accurately track workouts and running
– Heart Rate
– Accelerometer/Compass
PracticalityPracticality (1/5):
– Useful only for fitness
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