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 Moto 360
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$249.00+ USD (Base Model)
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– Very customizable (watches & straps)
– Unique look
– Poor battery life
– Watch gets caught on things a lot
– Confusing UI/Notifications
– Health/Wellness tracking is sub-par
Potential ProblemsPotential Problems:
– None that we found
Design Rating
DesignDesign (5/5):
– Unique looking smartwatch due to circular face
– Sides of the watch gets caught on everything
– Edges of the watch gets in the way if wrist is cocked (i.e doing a pushup)
Durability Rating
Battery LifeBattery Life (2/5):
– Approx. 1 day battery
– Wireless charging not compatible with other devices (Not Qi-standard but works with Apple Watch charger)
– Need to be careful with usage as long workouts will drain battery
ProtectionProtection (4/5):
– Water resistant
– Scratch resistant against keys and coins
– Gorilla Glass 3 watch face
Functionality Rating
SoftwareSoftware (3.5/5):
– Syncs only with an Android phone (officially)
– Moto 360 integrates with Moto Connect & Android Wear apps
– Lots of watch faces to choose from on Google Play
– Fairly limited number of 3rd party Apps
– No desktop/web sync
HandlingHandling (3.75/5):
– Touch isn’t as sensitive as the Samsung Gear S or Apple Watch
– Single button on the Moto 360 isn’t very useful
– Viewable in direct sunlight
Information DisplayUI (3.5/5):
– Moto 360’s UI is very linear
– Notifications take up a large portion of the watch face
– Unlike other smartwatches, the 360 is just a notification hub
SensorsSensors (3.5/5):
– Heart rate sensor is finicky
– NO GPS (needs to in range of iPhone for navigation)
– Accelerometer/Compass
PracticalityPracticality (2.5/5):
– Will not add much value to your life
– Too many notifications
– 3rd Party App support will greatly add to the Moto 360’s functionality over time
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