Griffin Survivor Extreme

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Griffin Survivor Extreme
Brand: Griffin
Category: iPhone Cases
  • Case Type: Tough
  • Handling: Good
  • Drop Protection: Average (~10ft)
  • Qi-Charging: Compatible

Our Rating

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4 2.0 1
  • Design 3.0 / 5
  • Protection 5.0 / 5
  • Functionality 4.0 / 5

Griffin Survivor Extreme - Insight


  • Pros
    -Toughest non-waterproof case
    -Built in screen protector
  • Cons
    -Rainbowing effect from screen protector
    -Case is wide
  • Potential Problems Toughness description.
    Dust may get caught between screen protector and iPhone which leads to scratches


  • Weight/Bulk/Install
    -Adds approx. 72g's to your iPhone XS Max
    -Increase iPhone width by approx. 14mm
    -Fairly easy to install
  • Build Quality
    -Everything fits well
    -Doesn't slide around easily
    -No issues with wear/tear
    -Great texture


  • Drop Protection
    -Above average drop protection (~10ft)
    -Case is sealed well against dust

  • Screen Protection
    -Built in screen protector provides decent impact protection


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