Incase Black Reform Laptop Case

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Incase Black Reform Laptop Case
Brand: Incase
Category: Laptop Bags
  • Price: 29.73
  • Material Type: Polyester
  • # of Colors/Designs: Black
  • Laptop Fit: Best laptop protection
  • Water resistance: Average

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1.7 0.9 1
  • Design 3.0 / 5
  • Capacity 1.0 / 5
  • Comfort 1.0 / 5

Out of all the bags we’ve reviewed, we felt that our laptop was safest in the Incase Black Reform case. It fit my MacBook Pro like a fitted suit. If you don’t have a MacBook Pro then this bag might not work as well for you. If all you needed to do was to carry your laptop, tablet and a couple of stuff, then the Incase Black Reform Case is all you’re going to need.

The laptop sits on a faux fur lining on one side and a piece of plastic with a cloth covering on the other. This piece of plastic with a soft feel to it is called TENSAERLITE. I will note that the laptop area unzips fully, which according to Incase is suppose to make going through an airport easier as you can lay it all out easily.

The laptop bag is made from Eco-dyed 300D poly Ecoya. It has a softer feel than most of the other materials which isn’t a big selling point for me. But what I really like about Eco-dyed 300D poly Ecoya is that it has a bit of friction to it so when you want to place your laptop bag behind you, it stays better than other bags. For this particular bag, you only have one choice for color so you better be fond of heather black.

When it comes to weather resistance, the Incase Black Reform Case performed better than the average laptop bag as water did absorb over time but it was quite slow. Unless you’re planning on walking in a downpour for hours on end, water should be an issue for you.

There are only two zippered compartments and both are on the outside of the bag. I will note that there is a larger, un-padded pocket on the inside of the bag that ~might let you carry around a table. I didn’t have any issues with using the actual zippers.

One of the standout features of the bag is the large handle that sits along the centerline of the case. This large handle makes it easy to move from place to place quickly.

The shoulder strap is a little smaller than others but works given that you won’t be carrying much in the small bag. Hauling my laptop around while I did errands didn’t bother me until ~30mins in.

Despite being marketed with an airport traveller in mind, the Incase Black Reform Case doesn’t allow you to stack it on your telescopic luggage handle which seems odd. But it’s a smaller bag so it won’t be too terrible carrying it across your shoulders or in your hands. And the fabric also keeps it better in place on your body so not being able to cart it around on your suitcase isn’t going to be that big of a deal breaker.

Incase Black Reform Laptop Case - Insight


  • Pros
    -Execellet laptop protection/compartment
    -Large handle
  • Cons
    -Not alot of carrying capacity

Laptop Bag Design

  • Material Type
  • Methods of Carry

Laptop Bag Capacity

  • # of Zippered Compartments

Laptop Bag Comfort

  • Travel
    -Does not have a suitcase attachment for airport use
  • Commute
    -Can be used for walking

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