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HitCase Pro
Brand: HitCase
Category: iPhone Cases
  • Case Type: Tough/Vacation
  • Handling: Average
  • Drop Protection: Extreme (~30ft)
  • Qi-Charging: Compatible

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4 2.0 1
  • Design 4.0 / 5
  • Protection 4.0 / 5
  • Functionality 4.0 / 5

HitCase Pro - Insight


  • Pros
    -Mountable camera lenses
  • Cons
    -Screen access is lower
  • Potential Problems Toughness description.


  • Weight/Bulk/Install
    -Adds approx. 66g's to your iPhone XS
    -Increase iPhone XS width by approx. 14mm (the slider mount gets in the way)
    -Easy to install
  • Build Quality
    -Everything fits well
    -Aluminum body
    -Back slides easily
    -Aluminum bumper will show dings and drops
    -Handles well


  • Drop Protection
    -Crazy drop protection (~30ft)
    -Waterproof to ~30ft

  • Screen Protection
    -Built in screen protector


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HitCase Pro - Reviews

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  1. Hitcase Pro and Hitcase Shield Link for iPhone X

    Case construction for impact protection is excellent.
    Functionality and durability of buttons and knobs is excellent.
    Water proofness is excellent.
    Ease and speed of installing/uninstalling phone is excellent.
    Screen use is poor – unresponsive for texting, swiping is sometimes an issue. (even after evacuating air as suggested) Screen stays scratched and dirty and dents easily.
    Charging port cover is easy to open and close and it is effective, but it breaks off easily rendering the case useless for water proofness (within 2-3 months).
    Photos are very poor. Getting a good photo requiring flash is not possible.
    Trulux lens attachment on Pro is a threaded attachment and is effective.
    Trulux lens attachment with Link is an easy magnetic attachment but easily falls off in surf or in pocket, etc.
    Customer service is ok. (One of the lanyards arrived already broken. The company sent a replacement, but I had to take a pic of the broken lanyard and email it before they would replace it. After spending $150, I expected to get a faster/easier response on a 15 cent lanyard)

    I first purchased the Hitcase Shield Link case instead of the Hitcase Pro because I wanted the smallest case that was waterproof and protective. I also liked the idea of the magnetic link capabilities for mounting the phone/camera and the lenses.

    The Hitcase Shield Link was extremely durable; I frequently dropped it on hard surfaces (concrete, tile, etc) and it was still waterproof. However, there were many problems with it. The first problem I had with the Shield Link was that the magnetic attachment for the wide lens accessory immediately failed while attempting to take photos in very tame surf conditions. I was able to find the lens because we were only in 3 feet of water. The lens would come off easily even while in my pocket. The screen was always a bit annoying due to lack of responsiveness. The charging port plug also came off after a couple of months and the 2nd time the charging port plug came off, I was not able to find it.

    I decided to give Hitcase another try due to the high quality of the aluminum encasement. I ordered Hitcase Pro because it would address the lens attachment issue and I wanted to be able to take photos and videos deeper than 10 ft (the range of the Shield Link). At $100, I also thought it would have a better screen. The cases are very similar in construction. The difference is that the Pro is wider due to the partial rail on one side for attachment to accessories and the extra relief for the threaded camera lens attachment. As with the Shield Link, the Pro's aluminum encasement and the buttons and dial controls are very high quality and functional (nothing like the useless Lifeproof dial). It is also extremely easy and fast to install and uninstall the i-phone without any tools. The Pro is waterproof to 33 ft and it did not leak when I took it to 32 ft. Unlike the Shield Link, the lens was secure with the threaded attachment on the Pro.

    Unfortunately, like the Shield Link, it has the same charging port plug that comes off easily (this time, the phone came with a back up rubber plug, which I have already used). It also has the same screen that is a terrible problem when texting. After noticing my photos were not very good for an i-phone x, I compared photos of the same scene with and without the case and with and without flash. With the case, the photos were significantly worse, and drastically worse when using the flash with the case. (The Shield Link may have had the same photo problem, but due to the different lens attachments, the cases are different around the lens and flash area and the problem may not be the same)

    Both cases came with an extra seal ring that does not have a screen attached. Using one of these would eliminate the screen problem but not the photo problem and the case would no longer be waterproof.

    After about a year and a half and over $250 of Hitcase products, I am going to try another brand. I can no longer tolerate the photo issue and screen issue.

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