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The Best Otterbox cases for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

What do we think is the best Otterbox Galaxy S7 case?

Looking to get an Otterbox case for your Samsung Galaxy S7? We’ve reviewed the Symmetry, Commuter, and Strada and in general, we like the cases, but they score a little lower than other cases mostly because of the size of the cases.

The Symmetry comes in a variety of different designs which makes your S7 a bit more interesting than the mundane looking Otterbox Commuter. With that being said, the Commuter is going to offer a bit more protection due to the port flaps and the included screen protector. The Otterbox Commuter handles better than the Symmetry due to the rubbery corners and the slight textures on the back of the case.

Our favourite case of the bunch is the Strada even though it’s the biggest case of the three due to its folio cover but it feels very robust and handles better than the other two cases.

If you need a bit more help, below the comparison tool, we’ve included several use-cases to help you make your decision.

We’ve seen a lot of phone cases in the last few years and we’ll be honest with you, the case designs from each manufacturer largely stay the same between all models of devices. If you’re wondering if we’ve reviewed cases from a specific brand, please search them on our site! If you’re looking Spigen cases, check out every case that we’ve reviewed for them!


The Best Galaxy S7 Otterbox Cases

(Select multiple protectors to compare by pressing on each image)


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The Best Galaxy S7 Otterbox Cases

(Select multiple protectors to compare by pressing on each image)


Use-cases to help you choose the Best Galaxy S7 Otterbox Case for you!

  • Toughest – Defender
  • Toughest clear back – Symmetry Clear
  • Wet-bar of soap handling – Symmetry Clear
  • Best handling – Strada

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