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Griffen Survivor+Catalyst vs. LifeProof Nuud – Waterproof iPhone Cases

Looking for a waterproof camera to take on vacation, or just something to protect your phone from every day hazards? The Waterproof iPhone Cases; Griffin Survivor + Catalyst and the LifeProof Nuud have you covered.

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The Griffin Survivor + Catalyst received a score of 3.8 out of 5 and the LifeProof Nuud received a score of 4.2 out of 5. While the Griffin Survivor can turn an iPhone 5 into an underwater camera, the LifeProof Nuud has a higher functionality in performing every day tasks.

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The Griffin Survivor + Catalyst is a waterproof iPhone case, which protects a phone up to a depth of nine-feet and can withstand a drop as high as six-feet. It is dirt and dust proof. The case is made of polycarbonate, nylon latches with an integrated screen cover. It also has a waterproof headphone jack and comes with a wrist strap. Griffin Technology has designed and manufactured digital accessories for computers, TVs and other electronics since 1992.

The LifeProof Nuud is also a waterproof iPhone 5 case up to a depth of six feet. It can also withstand a fall as high as six-feet. The LifeProof Nuud case does not have a screen protector built into the case however, one is included in the packaging. It is also dirt proof and snow proof. LifeProof designs and manufactures cases for smart phones and tablets to protect them from the elements.

The Griffin Survivor and LifeProof Nuud are both tough iPhone 5 cases. Both allow for easy installation and uninstallation. LifeProof recommends that a coin be used to open the iPhone protective case, however it can be easily opened by hand. Both cases weigh about the same however the Griffon Survivor + Catalyst feels a little bulkier in size.

LifeProof promotes the fact that the Nuud can be used as an iPhone 5 hard case without a screen protector though it is included in the packaging. The lack of a screen protector also does not give off a glare. While the screen protector on the Griffin Survivor withstands face first falls, screen visibility is affected by glare.

Both iPhone cases can withstand drops as high as six feet and being submerged in water. Throughout multiple tests the Griffin Survivor iPhone protective case survived being thrown into a river, the LifeProod Nuud was washed in a sink.

In both situations, the phones survived unscathed. In terms of drop-ability, both iPhone 5 protective cases can handle impact.

The difference is that the Griffin Survivor + Catalyst scratches easily. After testing, damages could be seen on the surface of the case. The LifeProof Nuud handles bumps and scratches well. The front of the case has a rubber bumper, preventing any damage despite the lack of a screen protector.

The Griffin Survivor suffers in functionality in being able to access the phone through the case. In order to ensure a waterproof phone, adjustments must be made to normalize the pressure between the interior and exterior of the case. When a call is received and these adjustments have not been made, it’s difficult to hear the person on the other end of the phone. In tests, it was still challenging to hear the person on the other end after adjustments had been made.

In terms of screen usability, the screen protector on the Griffin Survivor extends to the top of the phone providing easy access to the iOS7 command centre through the standard sliding motions.

The LifeProof Nuud makes it challenging to access the edges of the screen, such as accessing the “Q” and “P” on the keyboard and the iOS7 command centre.

The LifeProof Nuud is a screen protector-less  iPhone 5 protective case that will protect your phone from falls, spills and even full submersions. While the Griffin Survivor + Catalyst scores a little lower than the LifeProof Nuud, it is a great case to take on a water vacation as it will transform an iPhone 5 into a waterproof camera which can be submerged up to nine feet.


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