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15:21 Cork iPhone Case Review

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15:21 Cork iPhone Case


3.2 Eh’s out of 5

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  • Unique case
  • Has the best grip
  • Stains are quick to clean


  • Offers little protection
  • Screen protectors do not fit well
  • A bit pricey

Here at Mobile Reviews Eh!,we’ve become jaded about iPhone accessories.  We’ve been reviewing cases for so long now that weʼve generally seen it all. There aren’t  that much case that surprises us. Not to mention, there are companies out there reselling cheap cases in a higher price.

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But when we come across a product that blows our mind. Boy, do we fawn over it like crazy.

The Cor(e)k Process

The cases of 15:21 are made from recycled cork caps.  But aside from that, the 15:21 also uses Aramid as the core of the case. The case is simply made by grinding the cork caps and combining the cork caps with the Aramid by pressure. Based on how they manufacture the cases, we’re going to assume that no two cork cases are going to be the same

1521 Cork iPhone 8 and X Case Review

15:21 also sent us one of their Cork Wallet. Unlike the 15:21 Cork iPhone Case, the process for making the Cork Wallet seems different. The pieces of cork leather are actually attached to the cotton blend on the inside. The Cork Wallet is also handmade, hypoallergenic,and waterproof. Not to mention it also floats in water.. Weʼve actually been using the wallet for almost a week now and weʼve been getting a ton of compliments about it.

Cork Wallet - 1521 Cork iPhone 8 and X Case Review

Overall Design

Itʼs been a while since weʼve used an iPhone accessory that we’re really excited about.We really love the organic materials cover the entire case. The average organic case manufacturer will find a cheap TPU inset and then glue a piece of wood or rock to the case. But thatʼs not what 15:21 did.

Better design than other cases - 1521 Cork iPhone 8 and X Case Review

As for the overall wear and tear, the cork will wear like leather. The 15:21 Cork iPhone Case will feel like a sueded leath which is highly resilient to scratches and dirt. Our darker jeans actually leave a stain on the 15:21 Cork iPhone Case. However, a bit of soap and a damp rag made the stains go away.

We also tried to take it one step further by rubbing our beet juice covered hands on the case and letting the stain sit for several hours. Afterwards, we tried to see if a damp cloth would lessen the beet stain. It worked! Itʼs actually almost impossible to see the difference. Being able to keep a light coloured cork case clean is a step up from the Apple silicone cases that tend to be a sink for colors.

Beet Juice 15-21 Cork Case Review

We also put the cork wallet in a pair of jeans that bleeds color a lot to see how much the wallet would get stained. The Cork Wallet also clean easily which is neat. We generally default to darker coloured everything because it hid stains better. But knowing that cork cleans up easily is a welcoming thought.

Easy to keep clean - 1521 Cork iPhone 8 and X Case Review

The texture of the 15:21 Cork iPhone Case was something we weren’t expecting. It handles better than our best handling case, the Speck Presidio Grip. The grip on the 15:21 Cork iPhone Case doesnʼt feel forced. The 15:21 Cork iPhone Case follows the curves of the iPhone and feels like a natural extension of the device. Unlike the rubber ridges on the Speck Presidio Grip.


#1 Not that much protection

Exposes more of your iPhone - 1521 Cork iPhone 8 and X Case Review

The top and bottom edges of the iPhone are exposed. The buttons arenʼt also covered. The corners of the case are slightly raised to keep the iPhoneʼs screen off a flat surface. However, a thicker screen protector might extend past the edge. If youʼre brave, you could forgo the screen protector but only if youʼre not terribly clumsy with your device.

In fact, itʼs probably one of the least protective thin cases we have. At least the Apple cases we reviewed cover the front edge of the iPhone a little better and the Caudabe Veil XT covers the whole edge.

#2 Price

The iPhone 8 Plus version of the 15:21 Cork iPhone Case is going to run you $40 Euros or $50 USD or $60 CDN. This is a little steep when compared to the average case. But you are paying a premium for an incredibly unique case. If youʼre planning on getting the Apple leather case, we suggest you to get the 15:21 Cork iPhone Case instead. This case is so awesome that it can command that premium price tag.

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