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5 Reasons NOT to get the iPhone X

If you are looking at your outdated iPhone and are thinking of upgrading, the new iPhone X might fancy you. But with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus just being released a few months ago and is actually more cheaper than the iPhone X, should you really be buying the iPhone X?

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Now we may come across as being anti-Apple in this post. But trust us, we don’t mean harm.  We’ve been using the iPhone X for a few days now and we noticed that iPhone X is not as stellar as some people thought it would be. And as responsible reviewers, we don’t want you to get swept away by Apple’s marketing fluff so we make it our duty to tell the things we felt off with the iPhone X. .

Without further ado, here’s our  5 reasons not to get an iPhone X.

Relearn how to use iPhone - 5 Reasons NOT to get the iPhone X

#1 Learning how to use an iPhone again

There is a bit of a learning curve for the iPhone X. Everything is slightly different. Hereʼs a list of the things we had to adjust between using the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X.

  • Not pressing the “home” button to unlock the device but the FaceID is quick enough to mitigate this problem.
  • The camera is accessible directly on the lock screen. But it requires a force touch rather than a tap. The old method of accessing your camera by swiping right still exists. As a side note, we like having the flashlight on the lock screen.
  • The control center is now accessed from the top right corner rather than the bottom.
  • Siri is now accessed through the oversized power/sleep button.

#2 iOS isnʼt optimized for the iPhone X

This is the main reason we wouldnʼt get an iPhone X if we weren’t reviewing products. The apps donʼt look great with the iPhone X. The OLED screen looks amazing when placed side by side against an iPhone 8. But it has deadspace on the screen. Just look at all the empty space at the bottom of the Facebook app. In an era where UI reigns supreme, that deadspace seems like a fatal flaw. 

Facebook Deadspace - Is the iPhone X screen really 5.8 Inches

Now the top of the iPhone X doesnʼt bother us as much because the extra space of the screen has the time, cell strength, wifi and battery widgets filling in the space. But you donʼt have that for the bottom of the iPhone X and now that we’ve noticed it, it standouts even more than the black strip with the FaceID camera.

Gaming scales to iPhone 8 Size - Is the iPhone X screen really 5.8 Inches

But the thing that Apple really needs to fix on the iPhone X is the screen. The 5.8 inch screen looks bigger than the iPhone 8 Plusʼs 5.5 inch screen on paper But games will be played on a screen smaller than the regular iPhone 8ʼs screen.

Let that sink in, in order for games to show up properly on the iPhone X, Apple has to scale it down. Now itʼs not like it would take up the screen thatʼs not curved, Apple has to fit the virtual home button as well. This is why gaming on the iPhone X is going to suck. And why we say iOS isnʼt optimized for the iPhone X.

#3 FaceID

FaceID - Is the iPhone X screen really 5.8 Inches

Now why is FaceID a reason NOT to get the iPhone X? Shouldnʼt it be a big reason? It is one of the stand out features of the iPhone X isnʼt it?

Donʼt get us wrong, we like the feature but if looking at it logically, itʼs just an evolution of TouchID. And the job of TouchID and FaceID is to secure your phone, your passwords and Apple Pay.

Donʼt let this feature be a driving factor for why want to get the iPhone X. As cool as it looks, is it worth spending an extra $300 dollars for it?

SIDE NOTE: If you want to know how sensitive FaceID is when it comes to detecting your face, check out this video.

#4 Itʼs just another iPhone

It's just another iPhone - 5 Reasons NOT to get the iPhone X

Itʼs nothing magical. If youʼre not a techie, all these new fringe features isnʼt going to matter to you. Donʼt get sucked into the marketing fluff. A good tool is actually on Appleʼs website where you can compare the different models side by side.

One of the things we felt when we unboxed the iPhone X was just how familiar it was. It didnʼt feel any different. There was nothing special about it because itʼs just another iteration of the iPhone. Weʼve been using it for a few days and nothing has been life changing about it. Unlike the AirPods which has changed how we listen to music between all our devices.

#5 Cost

Cost - 5 Reasons NOT to get the iPhone X

The cheapest iPhone X is going to cost you $999 USD to buy outright. Even more depending on the currency exchange rate.  The iPhone X is $200 more than the iPhone 8 Plus and $300 more than the iPhone 8.   So the price difference is significant. For $999, you could by a brand new MacBook Air. And letʼs be honest, youʼd probably be more productive with an actual laptop than the iPhone X.

So ask yourself this: What more am I getting for the extra $300 dollars? What will I be able to do on the iPhone X that I canʼt do with an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus? or iPhonw 7 for that matter?

Hereʼs another kicker when it comes to the cost. Without Apple Care, the cost to replace an accidentally broken iPhone X is astronomical.

Replacement Cost - 5 Reasons NOT to get the iPhone X

What are some of the things that the extra $300 dollars gets you? OIS on the 2nd Telephoto, an OLED screen which looks great only when you compare it to another iPhone. You get a stainless steel frame which looks cool unless you go with a case which covers that up that feature and a face camera that allows you to animate your face onto a poop emoji. And at the end of the day, itʼs just another iPhone.

Now none of these things are deal breakers by any means but it does change how youʼre going to interact with your device. It only took us a couple of hours to get use to the new UI but we’re techies, we like this stuff.

We can totally see older people getting caught up on all these slight changes as it takes them forever to figure out how to do things with technology.

So this is our 5 reasons not to get an iPhone X. Have any questions? Leave them below! Definitely SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel to stay on top of all the new things we are review!

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5 Reasons NOT to get the iPhone X
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5 Reasons NOT to get the iPhone X
We've been using the iPhone X for a few days now. Here's 5 Reasons why we wouldn't upgrade (if we weren't reviewers)!
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