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5 Things we didn’t know we could do Safari – iOS 10 Safari Tips & Tricks (Video Tips)

Here’s five iOS 10 Safari Tips & Tricks that we didn’t know about


iOS 10 Safari Tips & Tricks – Become a Safari expert!

We have a feeling that Safari is one of your most used apps. It is for us so we decided to see how much better we could be at using Safari. After several weeks of digging, we’ve come across five things that we didn’t know we could do in iOS’s Safari.

Below we go over tips that will help you search quicker, deal with all your open tabs, navigate through your browsing history and viewing desktop sites on your mobile device.

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Tip #1 – Paste and search in your bar

Paste And Search - iOS 10 Safari Tips & Tricks

Say you want to search a specific topic, instead of trying to remember how to spell it relatively correctly, you can copy the word, open a new window and press the address/search bar and wait for the option to pop.

We don’t think this tip is that useful. It would be quicker to highlight a topic that you’re interested in and use Spotlights “Lookup” feature and pressing the “search web” option.

Tip #2 – Access a recently closed tab

Recently Closed Tabs - iOS 10 Safari Tips & TricksSo you accidentally closed a tab. Is it lost forever? No!

You can quickly access your recently closed tabs by holding down the + button. Pressing the + down will show you a list of all the tabs that you recently closed. The tabs do not stay there indefinitely as restarting Safari will remove the list. As a side note, this feature doesn’t work in private browsing.

Tip #3 – Close all your tabs at once

Mass Close Tabs - iOS 10 Safari Tips & TricksDo you like to stockpile your tabs? There’s a quick way to close all your tabs instead of pressing “X” or swiping left.

You can easily close all your tabs by:

  • Press and hold the Browser Tab
  • If you’re browsing your tabs, press and hold “Done”

Presto! All your tabs are gone.


Tip #4 – Quickly go through your browsing history

Browsing History - iOS 10 Safari Tips & TricksPressing and holding down the forward or back buttons at the bottom of your current Safari window will bring up your current browsing history for that Safari tab.

Oddly enough, this feature works in Private browsing as well.


Tip #5 – Request a desktop version of a site

Request Desktop Site - iOS 10 Safari Tips & TricksPressing and holding the refresh button in the address bar will bring up an option to request a desktop site. Requesting a desktop site is more of a “last-ditch” option for sites that run a separate version of a site for mobile devices. For a while, the norm was to run a mobile-optimized site for mobile devices and a different version for the desktop. This feature allows you to view the desktop version in the off-chance that the mobile site doesn’t work/is awful.


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