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Amzer Crusta Review – iPhone 6/6 Plus


A tough iPhone case with a glass back? Does it work? Find out in our Amzer Crusta Review

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How tough is an iPhone case made out of glass? Well, if its the Amzer Crusta, then its going to be a pretty tough case. Now we’ll be honest with you, we’re a little torn about this case as we’ve become very fond of the Crusta but there are some issues with the case that lowers the score for the Amzer Crusta down.

The best part of this Crusta is the tempered glass back and the edge-to-edge, Kristal tempered screen protector. These glass parts make it a joy to use your iPhone inside the case. It’s a case that exposes the full beauty of your iPhone without really sacrificing the protection. The thing that annoys us about the case is the TPU bumper. It comes off quite easily and after a week of using this case, it seems to show its wear and tear a little quicker than other cases.

Based on our time with this case, we gave it a score of 3.8’ Eh’s out of 5. It scores lower than the Ballistic Hardcore but higher than the Defender, the Survivor All-Terrain, Case-Mate Tough Extreme and Zerolemon Protector. If you want to see how this case compares against other cases, check out our comparison tool!
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Design – Glass and plastic, an odd combination for a tough iPhone case but it works.

Amzer Crusta Review - A uniquely designed iPhone caseIn terms of design, this case will more than double the thickness of your iPhone but you don’t really notice the thickness since the back glass back sits recessed by about 1/4 inch so it doesn’t feel bulky like a Griffin Survivor. It does weigh a tiny bit more than other plastic cases but isn’t noticeable if all you have is this case.

In terms of installation, the case is easy to install, painful to take apart as you saw in our drop video. We’re sure there’s an easier way to do it but trying to pry the case apart is pretty painful. The screen protector isn’t attached to the front of the case so you have to take some time to install that as well but Amzer has definitely figured out how to install your screen protector easily.

The build quality is where the Crusta falls on its face. The TPU bumper is pretty loose, you can easily lift it off the ridge with your fingers. Taking it out of the holster will lift the bumper out of the ridge as well. The TPU bumper also doesn’t wear very well as the flaps covering the hardware ports show considerable wear and tear during our review period for our Amzer Crusta Review for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


Protection – 6ft drop protection by an iPhone made from glass?

Amzer Crusta Review - A tough iPhone case made from glass?For protection, this case is droppable from 6 ft. No problem. Our iPhone 6 Plus came out find and flat and surprisingly the glass back didn’t crack during the edges drops. They did crack on a glass-facing drops as you saw at the beginning of the video.

This won’t provide much water resistance as there are no membranes to keep water out and the giant holes by the camera and flash. There insn’t a seal between the front panel of the case and the screen protector.

In terms of screen protection. Amzer provides a edge-to-edge screen protector which means it extends past the touchable area of the case. By itself, its a little weird since there is an extra edge on your iPhone but we’ve been able to use this screen protector with other cases like the Seidio Dilex Pro. As you saw in our video, the screen protector isn’t invincible.


Functionality – Get to everything on your iPhone with ease

Amzer Crusta Review - Great access to your iPhone!In terms of accessing your iPhone in the Amzer Crusta, its awesome. In fact, out of the 1/2 dozen tough cases that we’ve reviewed, the Crusta gets the highest scores for functionality. You can get to your iPhone easily case but, if we had to be picky, the port covers are a little tough to get use but the hardware cutouts are large enough to handle larger accessories. Accessing your mute switch is a little different as all you do is move this button up and down instead of pressing a piece of tough plastic like on other cases.

The glass and the rubber edges make it so easy to handle your iPhone in the Crusta. The glass screen protector is pretty incredible as it doesn’t add any reflections, it’s not sticky like some other glass screen protectors and is fairly fingerprint resistant.

As we said at the beginning of the video, we like this case. Despite the issues with the TPU bumper and you’re looking to pass on this case, consider this: The Amzer Crusta is only $45 dollars which includes a glass screen protector, a case that you can drop 6ft that has a tempered glass back (which no cases that we’ve seen for the 6 can claim.) That’s a pretty good deal in our opinion.


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