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Ballistic Tough Jacket Review – iPhone 6/6 Plus


Just warning you, the Ballistic Tough Jacket is a big case that you can drop 6 ft.

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In our Ballistic Tough Jacket Review, you’re going to find out why we wouldn’t recommend this case unless you want to drop your iPhone from 6 ft. this is one of our favourite cases. We’ve considered this to be a slim case (with your guys feedback on Facebook) and we only asked because this is a pretty bulky cases as they more than triple the thickness of your iPhone.

This is a tough case as it will protect your iPHone 6 or 6 Plus from 6 ft drops. The tough jacket is quite easy to use and handle even though it has a very distinct feel to it. We’re not a big fan of the materials used in the case as they feel loose and there is a small issue with the screen usability of the case.

With all that being said, we gave this case a score of 3.8 Eh’s out of 5. It scores a little lower than Ballistic’s own Urbanite which is one of our favorite cases, is on par with the Otterbox Symmetry and Speck CandyShell and definitely better than a similar looking case, the Otterbox Commuter. Our website has all the details if need them right now as well as a side by side comparison of another Ballistic Case, the Urbanite. Since the iPhone 6 Plus was case was given to us by Ballistic, we’re handing it off to you guys:

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Design – Another 2-piece, loose-fitting iPhone case

Ballistic Tough Jacket for the iPhone 6 and 6 PlusAs we mentioned at the beginning, this is a big case. It’s one of the biggest slim case that we’ve reviewed but it’s still thinner than your Otterbox Defender and Griffin Survivor. The case comes in 2 pieces, a softer inner sleeve that’s partially wrapped in a hard polycarbonate shell.

The inner sleeve is quite pliable so if you’re moving it around, you’re going to expose certain parts of your iPhone momentarily which isn’t great for dust protection. However, the give on the case isn’t as bad as the give on the Otterbox Commuter.


Protection – The Urbanite is a slim case that’s actually droppable from 6 ft?

Ballistic Tough Jacket Review - Dual Layer DesignIn terms of protection, we absolutely believe the Ballistic Tough Jacket will protect your iPhone from 6 ft drops. In our drop test for this case in our Ballistic Tough Jacket Review, we dropped both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from heights of 6 ft and the iPhones survived.

In terms of screen protection, the edges of the case are quite high. The corners of the case are even higher which means that the corners are going to absorb more of the impact. This case doesn’t come with a screen protector but you can easily install your own. This case does cover more of the iPhone like the Ballistic Urbanite but the edges aren’t too rigid so it has more give which means its easier for a screen protector to exist.

For dust protection, this case isn’t great only because the inner sleeve is very pliable so there is a much higher chance that dust and debris is going to get between your iPhone and the case. We recommend cleaning the case and iPhone every months to ensure nothing is causing damage to your iPhone’s exterior

Functionality – Those are some big edges

For handling, getting to your iPhone is a breeze. The case does feel different as the back of the case is very slick but the edges of the case are very rubbery. We didn’t notice the case slipping out of hands terribly and a light adjustment of the grip ensured that the iPhone didn’t go flying out of our hands. The cutouts at the bottom of the case are large enough to accommodate other headphones and lightning port connectors.

In terms of screen accessibility, the edges are noticeable but don’t get in the way of typing. The edges are more noticeably on the iPhone 6 than the 6 Plus but again, they don’t get in the way of typing.

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  1. Hunter

    December 19, 2014 at 12:07 am

    Could you do a comparison between the otterbox defender and the ballistic tough jacket maxx cases for the iphone 6 plus? Or just tell me which one you think would offer more protection? I’m mostly concerned with how much of a “beating” my phone can withstand. I currently have the iphone 4 but I plan to get the iphone 6 plus real soon. The case I have now is great and it’s lasted a long time, it’s the ballistic hardcore case. I guess ballistic does not make a hardcore case for the iphone 6 plus or I would get it. I have not seen it on their websit or amazon or anything. Could you help me out? Ballistic tough jacket maxx vs. otterbox defender for iphone 6 plus

    • Aaron Ho

      December 19, 2014 at 4:56 pm

      I’ll see about getting a ballistic tough jacket maxx. It doesn’t look much difference than the Tough Jacket though…

  2. Max

    December 27, 2014 at 2:57 am

    Great Review Aaron – I’m a yankee on the north side of Windsor (Detroit – Yeah that’s RIGHT!) We are North of Canada at this Geo point.
    You have a great delivery & style blended seamlessly with analytical data.
    Much Appreciated. Max

    • Aaron Ho

      December 28, 2014 at 4:42 pm

      That’s hilarious! Thanks for the note and the comment!

  3. Jason Gilreath

    September 30, 2015 at 11:14 pm

    I recently ordered a new Ballistic case for my iPhone 6s Plus on Amazon (shipped via Amazon) and the case has seen subtle changes. The edges around the screen aren’t as tall (especially in all four corners) as the ones that came out last year for the iPhone 6 Plus. To my knowledge the case I got was for either the 6 plus as Amazon didn’t have any Ballistic Tough Jacket’s listed for the 6s Plus (I believe they made zero changes unlike companies like Otterbox) so I’m thinking they just made some changes mid year.

    The rubber seems harder (easy to compare as my girlfriend has last year’s ballistic tough jacket case still on her 6 Plus) and definitely seems like there’s no chance of anything getting between the case and phone.

    Also the flimsy plug for the Lightning Port has been removed. I prefer this as mine was tearing on both ends on my 2014 case and I eventually ripped it off. This does allow the potential for dust and etc to enter the port however.

    I’m debating on keeping this case or going with Thule Atmos X4. I’ve seen too many RECENT horror stories on FB for Defender and Griffin (on their respective FB pages) so debating keeping my revised Ballistic case I bought for under $20 or pay $50-$60 for a Thule Atmos X4.

    Would really love some advice on this.

    • Aaron Ho

      October 1, 2015 at 5:43 pm

      The X4 is an excellent case. Smaller and tougher but a little more expensive.

  4. j

    February 22, 2016 at 11:29 pm

    what is the easiest way to remove the cover? I tried the ballistic tough tungsten on at best buy – and couldn’t easily remove the hard plastic piece when trying to remove it from my phone (iPhone 6s plus)! any tips? as I think I may buy the ballistic tough maxx.


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