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Bellroy Phone Case 1-Card Review – iPhone 7 Wallet Cases

What’s the “Smart” part of this case?

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Bellroy Phone Case 1-Card Review – Choose carefully. You get one card.

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The Bellroy Phone Case is a genuine leather case that can hold one card. So choose carefully.

This Belroy Phone case is actually thinner than most slim cases but that thinness comes at a cost in terms of protection. The best part of the case for us is being able to use our chip enabled credit cards at vendors that don’t support Apple Pay. It’s almost like we have Apple Pay as we can “pay” with our phones.

Also, the Belroy case has a couple of features that might be useful for the multi-sim card monger.

For our Bellroy Phone Case 1-Card Review, we’ve given it a score of 3.9 Eh’s out of 5. If you’re looking to carry one card with your iPhone, definitely check out the Belroy one Card case. If you need a wallet case with higher capacity, check out our wallet case comparison!

Get the Bellroy Phone Case 1-Card Now!

Design – Slimmer than it is thick!

Thickness - Belroy 1-Card iPhone 7 Wallet Case ReviewFor design, the Belroy One Card case has a genuine leather back. The leather is quite soft and will show a bit of wear and tear but hey, it’s real leather. It needs to go through its “ugly” phase before shining? The Bellroy case is only 10.7 mm’s thick which makes it thinner than the average iPhone 7 cases. From our measurements, it’s actually slimmer than it is thick which never happens with iPhone cases.

The leather case fits well together and the leather didn’t start coming off during our usage period. The front of your iPhone is going to slide around easily but the leather back is going to quite sticky on a flat surface. We do wish the leather parts of the case extended to the edges as they are quite slick.

The Belroy One Card case doesn’t weigh much.


Protection – It will provide a bit of protection

Minimal screen protection - Belroy 1-Card iPhone 7 Wallet Case ReviewFor protection, the case isn’t going to offer much of anything for your iPhone 7. The case doesn’t really have multiple-layers for protection but the leather is going to add a bit of shock protection if dropped on its back. The edges of the case are quite shallow so a screen protector is a must with this case. The iPhone 7 is a bit more exposed in this case as the bottom isn’t covered.

We did drop the case a couple of times accidentally and the iPhone is fine. We weren’t planning on dropping the Belroy case but the slick edges where just too much for us.

Functionality – Offers a bit more versatility than other battery cases.

We didn’t have any big issues accessing the iPhone inside the case. The buttons are recessed into the case so it makes it a smidgen more difficult to press. The exposed bottom allows you to use whatever lightning cable you want.

When it comes to wallet capacity, the Belroy one-card case holds one card (durr). We didn’t think this would be very useful but adding a tap-enabled credit card into the slot and “paying” with our iPhone has been quite useful.

We tried to take this concept with the RFID pass card for our office but the card is too thick and was a pain to remove from the case. This stretch mark is a result of Aaron’s attempts to remove the card. The RFID pass is about 1.5 times the thickness of the credit card so it wasn’t that much thicker.

The last thing we will talk about is the ability to store a SIM card removal tool and a spare SIM card. We’re not sure how useful this is for the average person but at least it’s there. The SIM Card removal tool is actually quite useful for us as we tend to switch which iPhone’s we use on a daily basis.


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