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How easy is it to bend the iPhone 6S Plus? Find out! – Bendgate iPhone 6S Plus Video


Sat on a iPhone 6S Plus for 4 hours. What happened?

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Is the iPhone 6S Plus easy to bend?

Ever wonder if the iPhone 6S Plus bends easily from day-to-day usage? Sure, you could take that $1200 dollar device and bend it with all your might but that’s not something any normal person will do with their iPhone. In the video above, we’re going to show you what 4 hours of sitting does to the iPhone 6 Plus.

For the test, Aaron put an iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus in his back pockets and did the following things:

– Squatted uncomfortably to take photos for our S6 Edge and iPhone 6S photo comparison
– Sat on a bench while letting Monty frolic at the dog park
– Sat at the breakfast buffet editing videos/viewing photos
– Drove in a car for 30 mins
– Had a dinner date

Cumulatively, there were 4 hours of sitting with the devices in the back pockets of Aaron’s jeans. Not included in the count where the countless changes in positions (from photographing things in triplicate for the camera comparison). To check if the iPhone bent, we placed the iPhones on a level surface and visually examined them as well as measuring out any unevenness using a level.

To our surprise, neither one of the iPhones showed any bending which is surprising to us given that we’re pretty familiar with breaking iPhones. We always expect some sort of blow out but this is a nice change as we can say for certain that being rough with your iPhone isn’t going result in your $1000 dollar iPhone being mangled.

But, if you’re really paranoid about bending, you could always get a metal bumper iPhone case that will definitely keep your iPhone straight and true.

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