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The Best iPhone Action Camera Case? HitCase Pro vs. Optrix XD5

It’s the battle of the “beastliest” cases! In the HitCase Pro vs. Optrix XD5 comparison, we’ll tell you which case is best for taking your iPhone out where most iPhone cannot go. We break everything down by case, the camera lens, the app and the mountings system.

May the tougher case win?

For both of these case, we gave them a score of 4 Eh’s out of 5. They’re both very good cases but don’t like the equal score fool you. The XD5 is tougher than the HitCase Pro but the HitCase Pro offers much better access to your iPhone than the XD5. Now if this comparison was focused on just the case, we’d go with the XD5 but there’s so much more that needs to be considered if you’re buying one of these cases.

What good is a wide angle lens if it makes your footage look funny?

The Optrix XD5 comes with removable wide angle lens. Our XD5 came with a 175 degree lens but unless you use the Optrix iOS app, your footage isn’t going to be cropped properly. The app corrects some of the cropping issues but your footage is still off-centered.

The HitCase Pro doesn’t suffer from these cropping issues but if you scratch the lens, you can’t replace it yourself but HitCase will do it for $29.99 and will do worldwide shipping for FREE.

It’s all about how you use the case!

HitCase’s Vidometer app is awesome. Being able to place overlays that show speed, G-forces and locations is a great way for people using the HitCase Pro to show where and what they were doing. Vidometer provides a great way to provide viewers the context in which the video’s where shot in. The only drawback with the app is that it doesn’t film in 720p, 120FPS.

The Optrix App, in our opinion, is a clumsy iOS camera app. There’s a couple of features such as timed-shots and variable frame-rate play back that are neat but it doesn’t offer the same level of context that the Vidometer app provides.

Hands free extreme iPhone video footage?

The HitCase Pro works with other GoPro accessories which is a nice feature. HitCase’s rail slide provides easy access to your case so you can easily detach the case from your mount. This is not the case for the Optrix XD5, as evident by the XD5 shooting out of the mount in our comparison video.

HitCase Pro vs. Optrix XD5

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