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Best Cases for the iPhone SE 2022

Looking for a new case for your iPhone SE 2022? Well you are in luck, continue reading below to see what we think are the best cases for the iPhone SE 2022! 

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At Mobile Reviews Eh!, we do tests and use the products in our everyday lives for days even weeks before doing an actual review. For our best cases for the iPhone SE 2022 review, we actually went and gone over hundreds of iPhone SE cases we had in the last 8 years!

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1 Mous Limitless 2.0

Mous Limitless 2.0 is one of the best cases we’ve used for the iPhone SE’s. It’s a tough case that isn’t that bulky. The corners of the case are raised so your screen has more clearance. But then it tapers down along the edges so they don’t get in the way.

From an impact protection standpoint, Mous Limitless 2.0 has its own type of TPE called AiroShock. AiroShock is the green strip on the inside of the case that adds extra protection to the case so it can offer just as much if not better protection than the large corners of the UAG Monarch provides.


The finish on the edges of the cases isn’t as aggressive as some of the other cases in this review but it still works.

Some of the extras for this product include a spot to store extra SIM cards and Mous does include their Auto-Align system which allows you to magnetically mount your iPhone SE with their accessories. 

There are also different finishes that you can get for the Mous Limitless 2.0 and each finish is embedded into the back of the case so when you place the case down, the finish doesn’t make contact with the flat surface.


2 Loopy Case

iPhone SE 3 Loopy Case
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The best way to keep your iPhone from breaking during drops is to not let it drop. And that is what the Loopy does. Once your finger is in the Loop, your iPhone isn’t going to fall.

Loopy cases aren’t hard to use single-handedly. The Loopy conforms to your finger instead of smushing it like the Oh-Snap or feels like a guillotine like the Quad Lock rings do.

The case itself isn’t anything special and it doesn’t have to be because of the loop. The inside of the case does have a hexagonal pattern which helps with impact protection.


The only issue we have encountered is the flaky wireless charging. It’s hard to compress the loop enough for charging to occur. The loop also makes it hard to use with car mounts. However, the usability of the case from our perspective, outweighs these downsides.

3 Casetify Impact Case

Casetify Impact Case is one of our go-to cases, specifically the Ultra Impact one. With the normal Impact Case, you lose the big protective corners but you still end up with a triple layered case for protection

Casetify Impact Case is also the only clear case here in the list because lots of clear cases scratch way too easily and that brings their score down. With the Impact Case, the bottom and top of the case are wider so it keeps the back off any flat surface which minimizes scratches. It also minimizes the wear and tear on your custom prints if you choose to get one.


As a side note, the clear portion of the case will actually scratch easier than the prints. From our scratch tests, the prints will scratch at a Mohs level of 7 whereas the clear PC portion will scratch around 4.

For protection, the Casetify Impact Case has an edge that’s lined with an inner layer of TPE called QiTech and a TPU outer layer. This combination of materials is going to outperform products like the UAG Monarch which are just TPU. 

Unlike the Casetify Impact Case and the newest Casetify Bounce Case, the front of the Impact case isn’t raised much so your screen isn’t going to have as much clearance for the screen so make sure you get a screen protector.

We had no issue accessing our iPhone in the case. Buttons worked, cutouts didn’t get in the way and the glossy finish on the case edge made it easy to grip.

4 Speck Presidio Grip Case

If you need out-of-this-world grip, go with the Speck Presidio 2 Grip Case. Speck Presidio 2 Grip Case would be higher on the list if Incipio kept the design of their old Grip cases. The ribs on the new versions aren’t as soft.  The ribs are hard and feel almost too aggressive at times.

The ribs are also now an extension of the polycarbonate back rather than the TPU. The upside to this design choice is that the ribs won’t rip off which was an issue with the older ones. The finish on the case is prone to fingerprinting especially around the non-ribbed areas.


Overall, Speck Presidio 2 Grip Case is a great case. Buttons work well, fits the iPhone tightly, and will definitely hold up to everyday drops. 

One of the neat things about the Speck Presidio 2 Grip Case is the corners. Most cases have a solid corner whereas the Speck case has the TPU on the inside of the case in the corners so during a corner drop, the impact is mitigated by the TPU on the inside of the case rather than the Polycarbonate outside. This feature extends to the front of the case as well which, in addition to the higher than average case edges, provides your iPhone screen with lots of protection. 

We had no issues with iPhone access with the case.  though the edges were noticeable because of the height. 

5 Urban Armor Gear Monarch

We miss the UAG Monarch. We haven’t used one on our iPhone 12’s or 13’s because of the lack of MagSafe compatibility. We’re glad we don’t have that problem with the iPhone SE!

The biggest selling point for this case is the texture. UAG Monarch is a grippy case. The back is covered with a polycarbonate frame with a leather underlay so your fingers always have somewhere to go, the grip strips on the case are angled so that the iPhone SE will fall into your hands if it slips and the oversized corners sit well in my hand.


For protection, the large corners even though they are just TPU are going to offer better drop protection than most cases. 

We didn’t have any issues using our iPhone SE with UAG Monarch as the edges are tapered along the edge which makes gesturing better, the buttons are large and can be easily found and the port cutouts are large enough for any sized cable. The case isn’t thick enough to get in the way of wireless charging either.

So this is our Best Cases for the iPhone SE 2022!  Have any questions? Leave them below! Definitely SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel to stay on top of all the new things we are reviewing!

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