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The Best Griffin iPhone 6 cases


Griffin’s iPhone 6 cases are tougher than the average case. But some are definately better than others. Which one should you get? We can help!

The Best Griffin iPhone 6 cases

Griffin iPhone 6 cases – Tougher than other iPhone 6 cases

Are you looking to get a Griffin iPhone case? They are agreat choices if you’re looking for something tougher to protect your iPhone. However, with the added protection, there is a chance that the functionality of your iPhone inside the case gets diminished (reduced screen sensivitity, tougher buttons).

We’ve been reviewing Griffin cases since the iPhone 6 came out and generally they don’t dissapoint. We even drove over the Griffin Survivor the 6 Plus with a car. On average, all the Griffin cases averaged out around 4.2 Eh’s out of 5 which means they are slightly better than the average iPhone case which averages out at 4.1 Eh’s out of 5. If you’re looking for other name-brand cases, check out our “The Best Spigen iPhone 6 cases” post here.

Under the comparison tool, we’ve included a couple of other tidbits to help you choose the best Griffin iPhone 6 case if you need it!

The Best Griffin iPhone 6 cases

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Slim Griffin Cases

Tough Griffin Cases

Still need more help choosing the best Griffin iPhone 6 case?

The best Griffin iPhone 6 cases for:

  • The Office Dweller: Survivor Core or Journey Why? Slim, tough and will fit in pockets easily
  • Somebody who is fancy: Griffin Identity Why? Lots of different designs
  • The Minimalist: Survivor Core Why? It’s thin, light and drop-rated to 6 ft
  • Anybody who does things outdoors: Summit Why? It’s one of the best non-waterproof iPhone cases that we’ve reviewed

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