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The Best Metal iPhone 6(s+) cases (i.e. Bend proof!)

Looking to wrap your iPhone 6(s+) in a piece of metal? Surprisingly, there’s a few cases/bumpers that allow you to do that! But the question is: What is the best metal iPhone 6(s+) case?

Our favourite case out of this grouping is the K11 Bumper. It doesn’t add much to the iPhone, can be dropped from a decent height but is a bit slick.

Below is a list of metallic iPhone cases that we’ve reviewed for the iPhone 6(s+). Most of the cases listed below will provide bend-protection for your iPhone and we haven’t come across a metal iPhone 6s case that significantly impacts the cellular signal.

We ONLY review quality products so you’re not going to find the $5 eBay special. Let us know if you think we’re missing a metallic iPhone case and we’ll see about getting one for review.

We’ve sorted all our cases cases into different categories such as slim, tough, waterproof, clear, wooden and cases that are just super different. Have any questions about which leather iPhone case to get? Leave them in the comment section below or ask them via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


The Best Metal iPhone 6(s+) cases

(Select multiple cases to compare by pressing on each image)


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The Best Metal iPhone 6(s+) cases

(Select multiple cases to compare by pressing on each image)


At Mobile Reviews Eh! We base our reviews on real usage. We try to rate all of our iPhone case reviews in the same manner so that when we say case X is better than Y, you can take that to the bank. Each one of these comparisons takes over 8 hours to complete so we’re very thorough in ensuring that we catch every detail before publishing our iPhone case reviews. If you’re looking for a round-up of the best iPhone 6 cases that we’ve reviewed, check out our Top 10 List here.

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