Best Multi-Port Chargers for iPads and iPhones

Are you tired of juggling chargers for all your devices? We’ve been there. But here’s the good news: We’ve done the legwork on multi-port chargers so you don’t have to.  For years the Apple 35W charger was the king of the hill but it’s not the best anymore. Here are the Top 5 Multi-port chargers that we’ve tested in the 35W to 67W range. 

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#5 AOHI MAGCUBE 40W PD Charger

AOHi MagCube PD 40W Charger Review



Compact size

Slow when charging multiple devices

User-friendly design

Runs Warm

Charge Indicator Light


The AOHI MagCube 40W PD 2 Port Charger is a compact powerhouse with 40W of charging capability. However, what truly sets it apart is its user-friendly design. Every side features indentations, ensuring effortless removal from sockets.

The AOHI MagCube PD 2 Port Charger’s standout feature, however, is its simplicity. A solitary indicator light provides clear feedback on its charging status—green when idle, orange during charging, and green upon completion. Out of the dozens of chargers that we’ve tested, the MacCube PD is the only charger to have this feature.

When charging individual devices, it excelled, delivering charging speeds 12% faster than average, particularly notable when juicing up an iPad. However, it faltered when tasked with charging two larger devices simultaneously, resulting in a 20% slowdown. For example, this 40W charger cannot provide maximum charge speed to an iPad Air/Pro and an iPhone at the same time. Additionally, its tendency to run warmer than most chargers is also worth noting.

In summary, the AOHI MagCube emerged as a compelling option in our test group. Priced modestly at $30, its compact size and above-average charging speeds made it an excellent choice for pairing smartphones with smartwatches or small tablets. However, due to its limitations, those with aspirations of charging larger tablets should consider our top picks.

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#4 Belkin BoostCharge Pro



Evenly distributed charge rates on all ports

Runs warm

Nice charge speeds


Decently priced for a Belkin


With our reviews, surprises are rare, but Belkin’s BoostCharge Pro 45W Dual Port charger defies expectations, securing the unexpected #4 spot. This achievement is particularly noteworthy given that Belkin products usually perform below average our tests.

The firs thing we noticed were the clearly labeled watts each port provided. When charging a single device, the charger provides 45W of power, when both ports are used, the top provides 25W and the bottom 20W. This setup allows users to charge an iPad and iPhone at max speeds (iPad Airs/Pros users should go with our top pick).

This charger is larger than average but comes with collapsible prongs. Unlike other chargers in this video, the Belkin BoostCharge Pro has an unassuming appearance (it’s very bland).

When it comes to our charge tests, charging an iPad solo yielded average results, iPhone users will appreciate its above-average speed—a 10% boost compared to its competitors. But where it truly shines is in max charging tests, outpacing the competition by an impressive 18%.

However, despite its size, the charger tends to run warmer than average. One might expect a larger charger to dissipate heat more effectively, but in this regard, the Belkin BoostCharge Pro falls short.

Despite this drawback, the Belkin BoostCharge Pro stands out as a beacon of value in Belkin’s lineup, especially considering the brand’s tendency to offer mediocre products at premium prices. Priced at around $30, it represents one of Belkin’s better deals.

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#3 VoltMe Revo 65W Gan Charger

VoltMe Revo 65 Series GaN Tech Fast Charger Review



Charge Indicator Light



Odd wattage splits between ports

Foldable prongs


Keeps cool even in intense use


The VoltMe Revo 65 charger offers a mixed bag of features and performance, both surprises and disappointments. Its three ports—two USB-C and one USB-A—promise versatility, but its performance reveals some quirks.

Despite VoltMe’s claim of compactness, it stands out as one of the larger 65W chargers we tested. However, its design isn’t all bad; the textured exterior aids grip and the orange insulation housings provide a touch of style.

A useful indicator light signals power flow, and the collapsible prongs enhance portability. But the real test lies in its charging capabilities. While it can deliver the full 65W when one USB-C port is in use, things get odd when multiple devices are connected.

Using two ports reduces the wattage allocation (which is normal), with one USB-C port dropping to 45W and the other to 18W. This disparity becomes evident when charging an iPhone and iPad simultaneously, as only one device receives optimal charging speed.

Even with all three ports engaged, the allocation is uneven, with one port getting 45W and the remaining two sharing a mere 15W. Despite this, the VoltMe Revo impresses with its fast charging speeds for individual devices, albeit with slight dips in performance under maximum load.

One saving grace is its temperature management; the charger remains cool even during intensive use, potentially prolonging its lifespan.

In conclusion, the VoltMe Revo 65 is an above-average charger, thanks to its attractive $25 price tag and ability to maintain a cool temperature. While its charging quirks may deter some users, it’s the best bang for your buck when it comes to multi-port chargers.

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#2 Spigen ArcStation Pro GaN 452 (45W)

Spigen ArcStation Pro GaN 352 Review



Foldable prongs

Tends to warm faster

Nice charge speeds


The Spigen ArcStation Pro GaN 452 is a 45W charger that’s been updated with improved features compared to its predecessor . The biggest difference is the inclusion of foldable prongs, which makes it more compact and travel-friendly over the previous version. The charger also boasts faster charging speeds, especially when charging multiple devices simultaneously when compared to the older version.

Another improvement is the design of the Spigen symbol on the charger. Instead of being printed, it is now embedded into the charger’s side, making it easier to remove from a socket.

In terms of performance, the ArcStation Pro GaN 452 performs well in charging tests. It charges iPhones at an average speed and tablets faster than average, making it an excellent choice for users with multiple devices. However, it tends to get hotter than other chargers, which could be a concern for some users.

Priced at $45, the ArcStation Pro GaN 452 is slightly cheaper than the average charger of its class. Considering its above-average features and charge speeds, it is the best 45W, dual-port GaN charger that we’ve tested.

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#1 Anker 735 Ganprime 67W Charger

Anker GaN Prime 735 A2668 Charger Review



Nice charge speeds

Confusing product name

Multiple charge ports

A little more expensive

Keeps cool even in intense use


Our number one pick has a very big asterisk on it. It’s not about features or charge speeds but the product’s name itself. One wrong move, and you might buy the older and inferior version that we had to disqualify for this list! 

But when it comes to its specs, the Anker GaN Prime 735 Charger boasts a formidable 67W output, complemented by three ports—two Type-C and one Type-A. When using a single port, the maximum wattage is 67. However, when utilizing two ports simultaneously, the 67W output is divided, with the top port offering 45W and the bottom port 20W based on our tests.

Despite being the heaviest in our test group, it surprisingly isn’t the largest. The VoltMe charger surpasses it in size but is lighter which might be explained by the fact that the Anker product runs cooler than the VoltMe charger. The charger features blue insulation housings, which, combined with the reflective port surface, create a unique look.

From a charging perspective, the Anker GaN Prime 735 Charger consistently ranked in the Top five across all tests. It excelled during the max port test, boasting speeds 10% faster than competitors. Despite its impressive charge speeds, it also ran the coolest among the 20 chargers in our last test group, likely due to its heftier build and potentially larger heatsink.

Although it costs slightly more than the average charger, it outperforms its counterparts by running cooler and performing better overall. This indicates a greater likelihood of longevity compared to competitors. Based on our testing, 67W chargers is the sweet spot as it provides enough power for a smartphone, large tablet and even a newer MacBook Pro for video editing.

In conclusion, for those seeking unparalleled charging capabilities, the Anker GaN Prime 735 is the best sub-100W multi-port charger that we’ve tested.

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Other multi port chargers we've tested

Amazon Basics 36W PD Charger

Amazon Basics 36W PD Charger ReviewAmazon Basics are often considered go-to options for those seeking quality at a reasonable price. However, our recent encounter with the Amazon Basics 36W GaN PD charger has prompted a closer examination of this brand’s offerings.

On the surface, the 36W GaN PD charger appears to tick the right boxes: a dual-port charger boasting a competitive price tag. Yet, beneath this initial allure lies a critical flaw. Unlike its competitors, each port on this charger is capped at 18W, significantly limiting its charging capabilities. This restriction becomes particularly evident in comparison to alternatives like the Spigen charger, which offers higher wattage and more efficient power distribution between ports.

Despite its shortcomings, the Amazon Basics 36W GaN PD charger may still find a place in the arsenals of budget-conscious consumers. Its affordability remains a key selling point, especially for those with basic charging needs. However, for individuals who prioritize speed and efficiency, this charger’s slower charging speeds—measured at 15-20% behind competitors—may prove to be a deal-breaker. In conclusion, while the Amazon Basics charger offers an attractive entry point into the world of GaN PD charging, its performance ultimately falls short of expectations, highlighting the importance of considering both price and functionality when making purchasing decisions in the realm of electronics accessories.

Apple 35W Dual USB-C Port Compact Power Adapter

Apple 35W Dual USB-C Port Compact Power Adapter Review

The Apple Charger has been available for a couple of years, yet its allure remains questionable. While touted as the fastest charger for iPhones, it disappointingly falls short when it comes to charging iPads. This limitation significantly undermines its utility, especially for users invested in multiple Apple devices.

Despite its claims of speed, the Apple Charger comes burdened with the notorious “Apple tax,” making it an expensive investment for what it offers. Moreover, practical issues such as a sharp backside detract from the overall user experience, raising doubts about its design and ergonomics.

Another significant drawback is its lack of sufficient wattage for simultaneous charging of an iPhone and an iPad unless one resorts to the smaller iPad mini. This limitation severely restricts its usability, rendering it impractical for users seeking a versatile charging solution for their Apple devices.

Ultimately, unless one is enamored with the Apple charger’s aesthetic appeal, its purchase seems unjustifiable. With its underwhelming performance and premium price tag, it fails to make a compelling case for itself in a market flooded with alternative charging options. In my evaluation, it doesn’t even merit consideration among the top charging accessories for Apple devices.

Native Union Fast GaN Charger PD 67W

In a world where innovation is key, companies that dare to think outside the box often capture our attention. The promise of versatility and adaptability draws us in, especially when it comes to essential tech accessories like chargers. The idea of having multiple adapters bundled with a charger, ensuring compatibility across various regions, resonates with travelers and globetrotters alike. It’s a thoughtful touch that speaks volumes about a company’s commitment to user convenience and experience.

Yet, amidst the praises for its forward-thinking approach, there lies a stark reality. Not all products meet expectations, and the Native Union charger is no exception. Despite its commendable inclusion of multiple adapters, this charger falls short in several areas. Its uneven performance across different devices, particularly its subpar performance with iPhones, leaves much to be desired. Furthermore, its tendency to run hotter than average and its chunkier design compared to other chargers in its wattage range detract from its overall appeal.

In conclusion, while the Native Union charger presents a compelling proposition with its innovative design and versatile adapter options, its shortcomings cannot be overlooked. For those seeking a reliable charger for their iPad or specific needs, it may serve adequately. However, exploring alternative options would be prudent for users searching for a more universally compatible and efficient charging solution. In the competitive landscape of tech accessories, prioritizing performance and reliability remains paramount, and unfortunately, this charger falls short of meeting those expectations.


Ugreen Nexode mini 45W Charger

Ugreen Nexode mini 45W Charger Review

The Ugreen 65W GaN charger entered the market amidst high expectations, boasting a unique design and promising performance. As one of the newer GaN products available, its sharp angles and sleek aesthetic set it apart visually. With three ports – two USB-C and one USB-A – it offered versatility, catering to the diverse charging needs of modern devices. This combination of innovation and functionality sparked curiosity and anticipation among tech enthusiasts and consumers alike.

During testing, the Ugreen charger demonstrated impressive speed, consistently ranking among the top performers. Its ability to rapidly charge various devices made it a compelling choice for users seeking efficient power delivery. However, the charger’s performance was marred by a significant drawback – excessive heat generation. Despite its commendable features, it emerged as the hottest charger in its category, raising concerns about its long-term durability and safety. This issue, coupled with its premium pricing, cast a shadow over its otherwise promising profile.

In conclusion, while the Ugreen 65W GaN charger showcased notable strengths in design and charging speed, its heat generation and high price point present hurdles to widespread adoption.

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