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Budu iPhone 7 Case Review – An AMAZING modular case

This how a modular iPhone 7 case should be!

Check out their Indigogo Campaign!



Budu iPhone 7 Case Review – A modular case we’re excited about

The Budu case. Short for “Be you, Do you”. Now If you’re running a gauntlet of different cases for different uses, you seriously need to consider getting a Budu case and a couple of accessories. Honestly, the Budu just makes our iPhone’s, that much easier to use in my everyday life.

Right off the bat, the modularity of the Budu comes from the four small magnets on the back of the case. Accessories easily clip into the back with two magnets while the mounting accessories snap directly onto all four magnets. There are a plethora of different accessories you can get but we’re particularly fond of the kickstand/ring plate, the folio case and the car mounts. We’ll elaborate why in a bit and also do a comparison between the Budu, the Otterbox uniVERSE system and the Mophie Force Hold systems.

BUDU Modular iPhone 7 case ReviewFor our Budu case review, we’ve given the case a score of 4.4 Eh’s out of 5. This is one of the highest rated iPhone 7 case we’ve come across and would score higher if the case was officially drop-rated. If you need more info, check out Budu’s website and depending on when you’re watching this, do help them out on their Indigogo campaign. It’s not very often we see a company that’s actually doing something a little different on Indigogo and Budu is one of them so help them out!.

Check out their Indigogo Campaign!


Design – Why hasn’t anybody else done it this way?

For design, the Budu, by itself is thin and light but the overall weight and bulk will change depending on the accessory you are using. The case fits well together as with every accessory that we’ve used. Attaching the accessories is as simple as inserting the top lip into the back of the case and letting the magnets attach. Removing the additional accessories is as easy getting your fingernail under the plate at the bottom corners of the case.

The front edge of the Budu case won’t slide around easily and the edge is larger on the Budu case than the average iPhone case. This helps with the texture and one-handed usage of the iPhone in the case. we didn’t have any issues with the wear/tear of the case.


Protection – Good enough for day-to-day drops

Low Edges - BUDU iPhone 7 Case ReviewWhen it comes to protection, the Budu case isn’t drop-rated but they claim to have dropped it up to 8 ft successfully. We personally would have no problems watching our iPhone’s suffer through any day-to-day accidents in the Budu case.

The case fits the iPhone tightly so dust and debris won’t be an issue though the bottom edge of the iPhone is exposed. The edges of the case are high enough to keep the screen of a flat surface.


Functionality – Like any other iPhone case out there

Large Rubber Edges - BUDU iPhone 7 Case ReviewWe didn’t have any issues accessing the buttons on the iPhone. The thinness of the case doesn’t impede the camera or flash and the edges do not get in the way of access.

One-handed usage is decent despite the slick back due to the large rubber edges along the bottom of the case. And if one handed-usage is your thing, well, there’s an attachment for that.


The Budu system – So easy to use!

BUDU iPhone 7 Case ReviewWhen it comes to extra accessories, Budu has the following:

  • slim wallet
  • folio wallet
  • suction mount
  • vent mount
  • bike/handle mount
  • ring/kickstand
  • anti-gravity mount
  • custom printed plates

Now every accessory will cost you extra with prices ranging from $20-$30 dollars and the cases themselves costing between $50 and $60 dollars for the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. So to get our goto set of a ring/kickstand, Folio case and the vent mount would cost us $120 dollars which is a bit steep. Or is it?

This entire setup basically replaces a Loopy Case, a Moshi Overture and a Spigen Kuel car mount which would cost about the same amount. But still, we personally think that $120 bucks is a lot of money for one case and a bunch of addons.


Our goto Budu setup

Our preferred setup includes the ring/kickstand plate, the folio case and car mount. Why?

First of all, Budu’s attachment system takes the best of the Otterbox UniVerse system and the Mophie Force Hold. The Otterbox UniVerse is incredibly secure but harder to swap accessories in and out whereas the Mophie Force Hold is easy to swap accessories but doesn’t feel that stable. For the Budu, the hybrid mechanical, magnetic system is easy to use and relatively secure. It is the best of both worlds in our opinion.

It is very easy to quickly swap between accessories. The BUDU case truly allows our iPhone to be whatever we need it to be. For example, when you need to run several errands, you might need directions from your iPhone but also your wallet to buy things while you’re out. If we were using the Moshi Overture, it would almost be impossible to keep it stable in our car mount. The Budu folio wallet snaps off easily and the Budu case mounts quickly onto the car mount.

Arrive at your location? Pull the Budu case effortlessly off the car mount and snap the wallet back on.

Back at home? Take the wallet case off and snap the kickstand/ring attachment to help with all the Instagramming and Facebooking you do. Or use the kickstand to watch Brooklyn 99 while you cook a meal.

It’s hard to describe the ease of the Budu system so check out the end of the review video of our real-life example of have we’ve been using this modular iPhone case.

We’re impressed with this product so do help them out through Indigogo!


That’s all we have for our Budu iPhone 7 Case Review. Have questions? Please ask them below, or on our Facebook page or our About Us page. To stay up to date on everything we’re doing, check out our Twitter and Instagram feeds!

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