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Case-Mate Carbon Alloy Case Review – iPhone 6


What do prefer? Protection or something Pretty? That’s what we’ve boiled it down to in our Case-Mate Carbon Alloy Case Review

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So what do you think of the Case-Mate Carbon Alloy Case. This is a slim case and isn’t a “protective” case like the Tech 21 or Urban Armor but if you’re looking to get a Case-mate case, this one is going to tougher than your “Glam” or “Brilliance” style cases because of its design.

The standout feature for us is the design of how your iPhone sits in the case. Also, some people might like the design of the back? According to Case-Mate the back “is crafted from genuine carbon fiber fused with metal alloy, creating an advanced and lightweight design with a high performance, yet refined aesthetic.” So it’s pretty?

But despite all that fancy wording, the screen protection on this case is quite lacking.

Based on my time with the case, we gave it a score of 4.1 Eh’s out of 5. This is a decent case but again, its not going to offer much in terms of protection.
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Design – The Case-Mate Carbon Alloy iPhone case has a unique dual layer design

Case-Mate Carbon Alloy Case Review - Design differences between the Glam and Carbon Alloy casesIn terms of design, this is one of the thinnest cases that we’ve seen as it’s a bit thinner than your Urban Armor Gear and Tech 21 case but this thinness comes at the cost of a bit of protection as its not drop rated. In terms of the actual aesthetic, what do you guys think of this case? Compared to the UAG or the Spigen Tough Armor? The carbon and alloy does make a nice pattern if you’re into stuff like that.

The fit of the case is quite good and the reason why we say this case will provide more protection than your “Glam” or “Brilliance” Case-Mate case is that the iPhone sits inside a rubber bumper which is enclosed by the outer shell. This is essentially multi-layered protection. On the Brilliance and glam cases, the case snaps together so when it falls, there is a high chance that the case comes apart and your iPhone goes flying.


Protection – You’re going to need to be careful with this case

Case-MateProtectionIn terms of protection, it’s drop rated as you will in our review video and the edges sit far enough away from the curve of the iPhone that you can easily use a screen protector with the case. Because of the tight fit, dust and debris aren’t going to creep into your case like other multi-layer cases such as the Ballistic Tough Jacket.


Functionality – Like a naked iPhone 6

Case-Mate Carbon Alloy Case Review - Size of the cutouts for other headphonesIn terms of functionality, you’re pretty limited to the size of headphones you can use. Same with the lightning cables. You can definitely shove larger cables into the iPhone inside the Case-Mate Carbon Alloy iPhone case but you’re going to be stretching certain parts out. For us personally, we do enjoy using this case because it reminds us more of the iPhone 5/5s shape, with the straight edges.

We didn’t encounter any problems in terms of screen usability with this case.


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