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Is thinness a good thing? – Caudabe Veil Review – iPhone 6


The thinnest iPhone case ever?


Caudabe Veil Review - iPhone 6

Caudabe Veil Review – A thin case for the non-klutz

This is one of the thinnest iPhone cases that we’ve reviewed to date but its so thin, can you really call it a case?

It fits around your iPhone quite well and really maintains the sleekness of the iPhone 6. If you need something to keep your iPhone pristine, the Veil is worth getting but from my perspective, won’t do much to protect your iPhone in my opinion because of the thinness. The Veil itself is very slick so if you’ve got dry hands, handling your iPhone is going to be difficult.

Based on our time for this Caudabe Veil Review, we’ve given it a score of 3.8 Eh’s out of 5. We honestly don’t have anything thinner that this Veil as even the Spigen Thin Fit isn’t as thin. The thinnest ones after these ultra-thin cases include the Loopy Vibe and 4th Design Armond’s. Need more choices? Check out all the slim iPhone cases that we’ve reviewed here!

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Design – The thinnest iPhone 6 case ever

In terms of design, this is one of the thinnest iPhone cases that we’ve seen. In fact, it’s going to be thinner than most tempered glass screen protectors. On our iPhone 6, the Veil looks thinner than the Fusion self-healing plastic screen protector we have on it.Caudabe Veil Review - Thinness - iPhone 6

The build quality of the case is ok as it fits the iPhone really well though it is a little tougher to install. We recommend going button side first if you’re planning on getting this case as anything else is going to be frustrating.

We’re not too excited about how easily this case scratches though Caudabe does tout that the matte finish resists scratches better than glossy cases but a little pressure by a finger nail is going to leave a permanent mark.

With the thinness of the case, you must be wondering “Will it tear like a piece of paper” and to our surprise it didn’t. We gave a a couple of good tugs and the iPhone 6 Plus Veil didn’t rip.

Protection – The thinness doesn’t do much

In terms of protection the only thing the veil will do is keep dust and debris away from it. It’s not drop rated, in fact, dropping your iPhone inside the Caudabe Veil, port side down will result in damage to your device since the case doesn’t cover that part of the iPhone. Caudabe has a solution to this which we’ll talk about below.

The edges are so low that a screen protector is the thing that makes contact with a flat surface (not the edges) and the same goes for the camera on the back. The case isn’t thick enough to keep the iPhone’s protruding camera off a flat surface.Caudabe Veil Review - Lens Issue - iPhone 6


Functionality – Easy access to everything but it might fall out of your hand

In terms of accessing your iPhone, there’s really no issue. The cutouts are large enough that you can easily get to everything on your iPhone and the bottom is completely exposed so use whatever plugs you want. We do have to make a note that Caudabe sells a XT version which covers the bottom of the iPhone much better.

There are no issues with the screen accessibility due to the extremely low edges during our usage period for this Caudabe Veil review.Caudabe Veil Review - Low Case Edge - iPhone 6

The only thing we don’t like about the Veil’s handling is that it is VERY slick. It actually makes the iPhone feel slicker than a naked iPhone which seems silly to us since its a case that doesn’t provide any drop protection and because of its “slick”ness, increases the chance that it might fall out of your hand.


With all things considered, unless you’re really good with your devices and not dropping them, we’d stay away from the Caudabe Veil is it really doesn’t offer much in terms of value for your iPhone (other than protecting it from scratches).

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