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iPhone 6(s+) Plus Screen Protectors

Cinder Screen Protector Review – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus


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There is nothing like Cinder

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Cinder Screen Protector Review - Its hidden?


Cinder Screen Protector Review – The perfect screen protector

The Cinder by Cupert is one of the best screen protectors that we’ve ever used. If Mobile Reviews Eh was to stop, this would be the screen protector we would want on all our devices.

This is a true edge to edge screen protector made entirely out of glass which is pretty unbelievable and its one of the few screen protectors that doesn’t feel like its there. It fits incredibly well, feels great and despite being an edge-to-edge screen protector fits almost every case that we’ve reviewed.

For our Cinder screen protector review, we’ve given it a score of 4.4 Eh’s out of 5. This is the current champion of screen protectors as it beats out the iLoome ScreenMate Maxx, another edge to edge screen protector and the Sir Lancelot.

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Design – Its so good that you’ll forget about it

The design of this tempered glass screen protector is impressive. It’s beautiful. The screen protector itself is less than .2mm thick but with the rounded edges, you can’t really figure out how thick it is when you’re using it.

We didn’t have any issues with the installation of the screen protector and the adhesive on the back allowed us to remove dust (if it was there). Taking the screen protector on/off didn’t result in any cracking and bubbling was non existent.

The fit of the screen protector is very impressive. The rounded edges of along the screen protector fit the iPhone very well and makes the protector seem like part of the case rather than an accessory. The cutout for the Touch ID is completely surrounded and since its all glass, you won’t have bending issues like you would find on the iLoome ScreenMate Maxx (a glass/metal hybrid screen protector).


Protection – Look! A hammer!

Cinder Screen Protector Review - Impact protection

In terms of protection, this screen protector has 9H hardness and is strong enough to withstand a medium strike from a hammer. The prototype unit that we have withstood several weeks of going in various pockets and bags and came out unscathed after a decent scratching with a knife.

In terms of chipping, the rounded edges reduce the chances that the edges of the screen protector will chip. The average glass screen protector has a 90 degree edge at the end of the screen protector so any sort of pressure will result in the edge chipping. The Cinder, with its curved edge will minimize this from happening.

The Cinder will add another level of impact protection as it any screen shattering blow will be absorbed by the Cinder. We took a hammer and strike several times without any impact on the iPhone.


Functionality – The curved edge makes all the difference

Cinder Screen Protector Review - Rounded edges reduces chipping

In terms of using your iPhone’s touch screen, it covers the whole thing so usability isn’t an issue. In fact, as we mentioned above, this product is so good you won’t notice it there. The coatings on the screen protector aren’t sticky and the Cinder does a good job of keeping fingerprint smudging to a minimum. The clarity of your iPhone’s touchscreen is maintained so you won’t have to deal with any extra glare or reflections that occur with other plastic screen protectors.

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