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Cloak 3 vs. Covert 2 vs. Exec 2 vs. Atomic Slim – Ghostek iPhone X and iPhone 8 Case Reviews

Fan of the Ghostek cases? You’re in the right place! We’ve reviewed all of Ghostek’s iPhone X and iPhone 8 cases!

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Ghostek Cloak 3

Ghostek Cloak 3 Review


  • cheap but well designed
  • thin
  • the cutouts are great


  • doesn’t have an included screen protector unlike the previous one

The Ghostek Cloak 3 looks like your standard TPU + PC frame type of case. But Ghostek has added several small details that makes the Ghostek Cloak 3  better than your average iPhone case.

The older Ghostek Cloak was one of our top cases for the iPhone 7.  The added screen protector really added some value on the case.. Sadly, the Ghostek  Cloak 3 doesnʼt come with a screen protector. But the case still maintains a high score due to its design.

Ghostek Cloak 3 Review - Look at that fit!

We are impressed with the fit of the Polycarbonate frame of the Ghostek Cloak 3. It doesnʼt take much for a company to line relatively straight TPU and PC pieces together but the Ghostek Cloak 3ʼs PC frame isnʼt uniform. There are several notches on the back side that fit tightly into the TPU sleeve. An added bonus to this design, there are more of the soft-rubber PC frame for your hands to hold onto.

If you look closely at the TPU sleeve, youʼll notice that there is hatching where the PC meets the TPU. This small bit of texture also adds to the handling of the iPhone inside of the case.

Ghostek Cloak 3 Review - Excellent case edge

The Ghostek Cloak 3 is thinner than average case and actually feels thinner than it actually is. This is because the back of the case is recessed slightly. This means that the back of the case wonʼt show scratches as quickly as other cases that lie flat.

We didnʼt have any issues accessing the iPhone in the Ghostek Cloak 3. The cutouts on the case are large enough for any lighting cable. The mute switch cutout is also large enough to fit a finger nail into. The metallic buttons are easy to use and add a nice contrast to all the TPU and PC.

Ghostek Cloak 3 Drop Protection

When it comes to drop protection, the Ghostek Cloak 3 is 2x drop-rated according to Ghostek. This means the case should provide approx. 8 ft of drop protection for the corners. However, we’re not entirely sure how high the case would handle a 100% face first drop, But those drops are far and few in between.

If you are concerned about breaking your screen, get a screen protector. You should be able to afford one with to Ghostek Cloak 3 since the case only retails for $20. This is a great deal for this well designed case.

Last but not the least, the Ghostek Cloak 3 comes in a variety of different colors!

Ghostek Exec 2

Ghostek Exec 2 Review - Unique wallet case


  • has nice texture
  • can hold up to 4 cards


  • thick
  • not compatible with Qi-chargers

When it comes to wallet cases, the Ghostek Exec 2 stands out to us because of the materials used on the case. For some odd reason, weʼve gotten very tired of the fake, vegan, leather textured TPU wallet. The cloth back on the Ghostek Exec 2 feels different and thatʼs important for people who spend a lot of time with their devices.

The Ghostek Exec 2 is a thicker wallet case as it comes with a TPU frame wrapped in a PC shell. The edges of the the Ghostek Exec 2 has a strong soft rubber coating which great helps with the handling of the iPhone.

Ghostek Exec 2 Review - Soft rubber coated edges

When it comes to protection, the Ghostek Exec 2 has a decent lip which will help keep the iPhoneʼs screen off a flat surface. The raised edge, coupled with the PC outer frame will also offer better  face first drop protection.

We didnʼt have any issues accessing our iPhone in the Ghostek Exec 2. The lighting cutout is quite large and will handle any cable you decide to use.

For the wallet portion, Ghostek claims that you can use 5 cards with the case which is possible. But it will get tight. If you want easy access to your cards, we found the 3 card + cash setup is more efficient. This means we wouldnʼt consider Ghostek Exec 2  a full-blown wallet replacement unless you only need between 3-5 cards.

Ghostek Exec 2 Review

The last thing we will note is that the wallet portion of the case is thick enough that it wonʼt work with any of the Qi-charges that we have reviewed.

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Ghostek Covert 2

Ghostek Covert 2 Review



  • light
  • thin
  • handles well


  • the case feels “sticky”

The Ghostek Covert 2 is our least favourite case on this list. Our biggest gripe with the case is that it feels a little loose. The sides have a noticeable give to them which we do not like. The latest iteration of the iPhoneʼs feel heavy and solid. Putting them in a Ghostek Covert 2 makes the iPhone feel “sticky”..

However this gripe might be a little too critical, as the Ghostek Covert 2 needs a bit of pressure to make it feel “sticky”

Ghostek Covert 2 Review - Thickness

If you arenʼt planning on doing grip strength exercises on your iPhone constantly, we donʼt think the stickiness will bother you much. Like the Ghostek Cloak 3, the Ghostek Covert 2 has a multitude of different colors to pick from. If all youʼre looking for is a decently priced case with a bit of pizazz, the $15 dollars Ghostek Covert 2 might be worth getting.

It should also be noted that the Ghostek Covert 2 has the best handling case on this list. The diamond hatching on the edge of the case ensures that the case doesnʼt slip easily from your grip and the oversized corners sit well in your hand.

Ghostek Covert 2 Review - Diamond Hatched Grip

The Ghostek Covert 2 is also quite light, thin and wonʼt add a lot of bulk to your iPhone. The widest parts of the case are the corners which are oversized which adds to the protection of the case. The edges of the case handle incredibly well and are a great upgrade over the original Covert with itʼs chrome-paint edges. Like the Ghostek Cloak 3, the back of the case is slightly recessed which means it wonʼt scratch as easily as other cases.

Ghostek Covert 2 Review - Clear back

 When it comes to drop protection, the Ghostek Covert 2, like the Cloak 3 is 2x drop-rated so it would theoretically provide approx. 8 ft of drop protection for the corners.

Ghostek Atomic Slim

Ghostek Atomic Slim Review


  • has a nice tough design
  • provides more coverage than oyur average case


  • not waterproof unlike the previous ones
  • bulky

The Ghostek Atomic Slim is a new case to us. Weʼre quite familiar with the Original Atomics because we’ve done terrible things to it like driven our cars over it, thrown an iPhone on an Atomic case 40 ft into the air onto a concrete parking lot and soaking it in water.

For the iPhone 7 and 8 versions, it was the only waterproof case that allowed for the installation of a skin and screen protector. This makes the Ghostek Atomic a great case to have around for those instances where you needed the extra protection.

Ghostek Atomic Slim Review - Better than average dust protection

The Ghostek Atomic Slim, sadly, isnʼt waterproof. But at least, retains the aluminum frame of the original Atomic. The aluminum frame is unique as it adds another level of sophistication to your iPhone. Most cases are a blend of TPU and PC so adding metal to that mix which makes the Ghostek Atomic unique. The aluminum frame will also ensure that your iPhone never bends if you decide to sit on it. The iPhone sits in a TPU sleeve that has a clear PC back which is unique. The two pieces are fused together which adds to the dust protection that this case can offer.

Like all the other cases in the list, Ghostek offers a variety of different colors to choose from.

Ghostek Atomic Slim Review - Rubberized corners

The downside of Ghostek Atomic Slim is that it isnʼt really that slim. Itʼs one of the largest non-waterproof cases that weʼve used. The buttons on the case have a nice response to them but the buttons on the case that we have seem a little sharp for my liking.

We will note that the Ghostek Atomic Slim exposes less of your phone when compared to the average case. This is because the TPU sleeve that the iPhone sits in doesnʼt actually have button cutouts. The metallic buttons are attached to the metal frame which push the iPhone buttons through the TPU. From our perspective, the Ghostek Atomic Slim is going to offer a bit more dust and debris protection overtime when compared to other cases.

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    May 5, 2018 at 7:35 pm

    There are several reviews about the ghostek atomic slim iphone 8 plus case not fitting well. Specifically the buttons didn’t line up and were almost impossible to push–they didn’t work in the case. We were going to purchase this case for our new 8 plus phones but are hesitating because of these reviews.

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