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Danny P Leather Wallet Review – iPhone 6s wallet cases

Finally, an iPhone wallet case that actually works well as a wallet and case!


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Danny P Leather Wallet Review – Sure it’s big, but you won’t have to choose between a credit card, a driver’s license and two cash bills

Today we’re going to review the Danny P leather wallet for the iPhone 6(s+). The Danny P wallet is a larger than average iPhone wallet case but instead of trying to embrace minimalism like other wallet cases do, the Danny P wallet is designed to take all your cards and cash from a regular wallet and let you store your iPhone as well.

This approach works incredibly well and makes so much sense to us, but there are two drawbacks which I’ll elaborate in a moment.

We haven’t reviewed many iPhone wallet cases for the 6 but we are going out on a limb and saying that if you’re looking for a classy product that lets you store more than 2 cards, the Danny P wallet is probably the best leather case you can get (if you can afford it). If you’re wondering what other accessories we love for the iPhone 6s, check out our “Best of the Best” post.

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Design – So much space!

Danny P Leather Wallet Review - iPhone 6s

In terms of design, the Danny P Leather iPhone 6 case is made with real Italian leather. This adds to its elegance but since @Aaron_The_Ho is a brute in real life, he doesn’t have an appreciation for that type of elegance. The wallet itself isn’t small, especially when you compare it against the slim wallet from Nodus but that doesn’t really bother us because we can store all the cards and cash we want. The wallet has a slot for 5 cards, a pocket behind the card slots and then a full length cash slot that is long enough for bills but is a little too deep at times. The card slots can be doubled up if you really wanted to and you could have even more cards behind it but that will make the wallet thicker.

The sleeve that your iPhone sits in has a cutout which means you can easily use your iPhone for Apple Pay. The sleeve fits the iPhone quite well which means that you won’t be able to use a case with the Danny P leather wallet case, even a tiny one like the K11 Bumper. That’s the first drawback because unlike other wallet cases, there’s nothing protecting the iPhone 6 when you’re using it. You can have a screen protector on the iPhone, and it is something we would recommend to minimise the potential scratching. This scratching will occur because of all the sliding the iPhone is going to do.


Protection – How tough is an iPhone wrapped in tons of leather, cards and cash?

Regarding protection, the Danny P wallet isn’t drop rated or anything, but there is a good chance that dropping your iPhone in the wallet isn’t going to do much unless you drop it on something sharp at the exact location where the bottom of your iPhone is exposed.

Functionality – You should probably get a smartwatch with this wallet case

Danny P Leather Wallet Review - Card capacity - iPhone 6s

Functionality of the iPhone inside the wallet is almost non-existent other than accessing Apple Pay. This is the second drawback as we did get a little annoyed at constantly pulling out our iPhone out of the wallet to check stuff so having having a smartwatch is going to come in handy.

And if you need to use your iPhone, you can pull it out and use it as an iPhone. Not like a pseudo-book or pseudo-bible. That’s probably our biggest annoyance with regular iPhone wallet cases as it makes everything in the wallet so much more cumbersome. Every time we see somebody talking on the phone with a wallet case, we just want to run over there and pull something out of the wallet. Because the cards are right there. Flapping around. ON YOUR FACE.

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Danny P Leather Wallet - iPhone 6(s+)
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1 Comment

  1. Nadim Abou Haidar

    June 25, 2016 at 11:50 am

    Hi Aaron, I use this wallet with an Pitaka Kevlar case on my Phone , works like a good dream.

    Evutec S series also works as a case.

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