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Need a slim, yet sophisticated iPhone Wallet Case? The Wally might actually be for you!

[toggle title=”Watch the Distil Union Wally Review”][/toggle] Looking for a wallet case that makes you feel fancy and sophisticated? The Distil Union Wally iPhone case definitely sets itself apart from the plethora of plastic formed iPhone wallet cases.

It’s slim and lightweight and offers great accessibility to your must-have cards and bills. The maximum capacity of the case isn’t too high and getting to bills might be a bit difficult at times. With all things considered, we gave the Distil Union Wally iPhone case a score of 4.03 Eh’s out of 5.

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Design – The Distil Union Wally is slimmer than most slim iPhone cases

It's possible to install a screen protector with the Wally

Edges of the Distil Union Wally are far enough away to install a 3rd Party screen protector

In terms of design, the slimness of the case is nice. When compared to other wallet cases, the Wally is much slimmer and does look like a regular slim case, when there’s nothing in it. The wallet portion of the case but one of the drawbacks is that the reduced size means you can store fewer things. The first thing to go is the clear slot where you usually store your drivers license.


Protection – It will protect from minor bumps and scratches

Thickness difference between the Wally and oner slim cases

Thickness difference between the Wally and oner slim cases

This iPhone wallet case will provide minimal protection to your iPhone. It covers the back and corners of your iPhone and offers little screen protection. However, the edges are far enough away to you can easily install a 3rd Party Screen protector.


Functionality – The Wally is different. In a good way!

Pull Tab on the Distil Union Wally

Pull Tab on the Distil Union Wally

The wallet portion of the case is actually made from leather and it does have a bit of give. If you wet the leather a bit, it will stretch so you could add 1 extra card into the pocket but it gets really tight. However, if you’re keeping the wallet case in your pocket in a warm climate, the leather may get uncomfortable as it sticks to your leg inside your jean pocket.

The pull-tab action works fairly well if you put the cards in the right place. On the inside of the pocket, from what we can tell, the pull-tab is attached to a larger pocket and that’s what pulls the cards out of the case. If you’re not careful, you might place a card between the leather and the inside pocket which may mess up your wallet but it’s an easy fix.

In terms of capacity, we were able to put 3 cards and a couple of bills into the slot but that would be pushing the limit of this case. As you can see from this shot, it’s pretty tight and you can tell that there’s a bit of a bend in the case.


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