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Draco Design Aluminum Bumper Review – iPhone 6 6 Plus


Need a really fancy case? You need to check out the Draco Design Aluminum Bumper!

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Today we’re going to review the Draco Aluminum bumper case by Draco Designs. This is a very stylish case and will definitely pimp out your iPhone, make you feel fancy but doesn’t offer a whole lot of protection.

The design of the case is amazing. We weren’t very impressed at first but after using the case for a while, we’ve been sold. Access to your iPhone works quite well despite being shaped quite differently when compared to other iPhone cases. This gold bumper, matched with a gold iPhone looks really nice.

Based on our time with the case, we gave it a score of 4.1 Eh’s out of 5 when compared to other slim cases but there is a small caveat to this score which we will elaborate below. If you’re looking for a similar case that’s metallic, check out the Spigen Neo hybrid metal which scores just a tad higher at 4.2 Eh’s out of 5. If you’re wondering how this case fares against other cases, check out our comparison tool!

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Design – A uniquely designed iPhone case made from metal?

Draco Design Aluminum Bumper Review - Button LayoutIn terms of design, this case will not add much in terms of thickness but it will add a bit of of bulk which isn’t noticeable as the edge of the case is much thinner than the iPhone so you don’t really notice the extra bulk. This is one of the thinnest iPhone cases that we’ve reviewed.

Now, at the beginning, we mentioned that we weren’t too impressed with the case as the first thing you will notice after taking it out of the box is that the mute button is attached to the case via a piece of tape. Nothing screams quality like a nice piece of office tape but the mute switch is solid after you install your iPhone into it. Overall, the aluminum in this bumper makes the iPhone feel incredibly solid.

The case requires you to install a pair of screws which is a first for us in terms of slim cases and we found that to get the two pieces to line up, pre-install the screws, adjust the pieces and then tighten them together.

This case is made from aluminum so it will scratch from general usage but not excessively. The case edge is far enough away from the touchable area that you can install third part screen protectors but since the case isn’t thicker than the iPhone, there is a good chance that the screen protector is going to be the part of the iPhone that makes contact with a flat surface.


Protection – It might protect your iPhone from a pillow?

In terms of protection, this case will offer very little. Its definitely not drop-rated, your iPhone isn’t protected from multiple layers, and the edges of the case are almost non-existent. It doesn’t come with a screen protector but in the freak chance that you do drop it, the aluminum bumper is going to offer a bit of protection for your iPhone’s corners.

One of the things that really bother us during our test period for this Draco Design Aluminum Bumper Review is that this case is that it offers almost no additional protection for your iPhone’s camera. The back of the case doesn’t extend past the camera so it’s still exposed. Now, we wouldn’t be concerned about scratching the lens as it’s made from sapphire which is incredibly hard but its not shatterproof so it can still crack if you drop it.


Functionality – The buttons are so nice to use on this aluminum bumper

In terms of accessing your iPhone, we are incredibly impressed with the buttons on the alumimum bumper. Draco doesn’t make button response better but they do make it different and that’s just awesome.

The power buttons is this slim button that follows the design of the edge where as the volume buttons are larger and feel just as awesome. The taped on mute switch works fine as well. Access to your iPhone’s hardware ports is simple and will accommodate larger than average lighting port cables but only slightly larger headphone jacks. In terms of signal loss, we didn’t notice a change in our cellular signal strength with the Draco Aluminum bumper.

Getting to your iPhone’s screen is a breeze as there isn’t anything that gets in the way of touching the screen.

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