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Ecke Review – iPhone 6s Corner Bumper (Video Review)

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Ecke Review – A set of removable bumpers that allows you to showcase your iPhone 6(s+)


Today we’re going to do a review of the Ecke. The Ecke is a different type of accessory as it promises to offer protection while not covering most of the iPhone. We were introduced to this accessory after reviewing the Utomic Edges.

One of the differentiating features for the Ecke is the ability to get different coloured corners. According to them, there can be over 4000 colour combinations. 

For our Ecke review, we’ve given this accessory a score of 4 Ehs out of 5. This is a little lower than the 4.4 we gave the Utomic Edges. The Ecke scores a little lower in the design and functionality categories. During our review period, we found it hard to figure out when to use the Ecke’s because of the shortfalls mentioned below.

If you need to compare the Ecke’s and Utomic’s, check out this comparison table. Check out some of the other unique iPhone accessories that we’ve come across.


Design – Not small enough in our opinion

In terms of design, the Ecke is basically a set of removable corner bumpers for your iPhone. They seem a little too large for us as the size of the bumpers seemingly draw your attention away from the iPhone. Which counter’s Ecke’s claim that it keeps the iPhone design apparent.

Ecke Case Review - Corner Closeup - iPhone 6s Bumpers

The corners look pretty simple

Each corner has a piece of metal in the middle of them which we’re assuming provides the pressure for the Ecke’s to stay on. The bumpers themselves have a bit of texture to them, but the bumpers feel rough and sharp in our hands. There is a piece of the Ecke that juts out in the middle of each bumper that feels sharp. However, several drops on concrete will smooth them out.

The last thing we’ll talk about regarding design is that the Ecke’s aren’t completely swappable as one of them is fitted for the camera corner, and the others have cutouts for the headphone jack.


Protection – Protects your iPhone from accidental desk height drops

When it comes to protection, the Ecke corners will protect your iPhone from drops up around three ft which means accident wipe outs from desks shouldn’t be an issue for your iPhone. The only type of screen protector that you’ll be able to use is are the ones that cover only the viewable areas.

Ecke Case Review - Screen Protector - iPhone 6s caseThe Eckes fit around the iPhone so tightly that it will scrape off the screen protector when you try to squeeze the corners on. This is the main reason why we’d go with a set of Utomic’s as they’ll allow you to use a screen protector with those bumpers.


Functionality – Like there is no case until you put it into the palm of your hand

Ecke Case Review - Corner Sharpness - iPhone 6s Bumpers

The corners of the Ecke’s are sharp

Now, the best part of the Ecke is the functionality it offers your iPhone. You get to use your iPhone like there was nothing there because there isn’t. It’s nice until you stab your hand with the sharp piece in the middle of an Ecke.

It is odd to us because the iPhone is smooth and then the Ecke’s make the case feel a little sharp. It just doesn’t make sense to us.


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