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Element Ronin Review – G10 Titanium – iPhone 6

Protection – $300 dollars worth of protection

Element Ronin G10 Titanium Review - iPhone 6 - 4ft Drop Test

For protection, the case isn’t drop rated and there is no screen protector (you’d think for $300 bucks they would include one). If you’re looking for a definitive answer for accidental drops, we do believe this case will hold up as well as any other case that’s not drop-rated in terms of accidents. Just don’t get this case if you’re very clumsy. Or do because at $300 dollars, you’re going to be super careful with it.

Now, we were a little curious to see how well this premium case would hold up to a couple of drops because the edges of the case seem pretty weak. As our motto is “Real usage, Real Review” we went outside dropped our iPhone in the Element Ronin and to our surprise, the case stayed together from a couple of 3-4 ft drops (see the video for the drops). The only issue that we noticed was that the titanium top and bottom separated slightly from the case.


Functionality – It passes

Getting to your iPhone is a cinch. The cutouts on the case are large enough to use most 3rd party cables, even the monstrous Amazon basics cable. The buttons work but are a little lacking in my opinion and given the cost of the case, one would think the buttons would be easy to use but that’s not what Aaron discovered.

If you look at the case head on, the top volume button is almost hidden and it feels like that the shape of the button should follow the curve of the edge of the case. Visually, we think this would make it look better but functionally, it would make it easier to find/use the button. Aaron’s fingers had trouble finding the button but this issue was specific to him as his wife was not bothered by this part of the case.


Again, we gave this case a score of 4 Eh’s out of 5. If you’re looking for a premium iPhone case, consider getting one of the Ronin’s from Element. It will definitely class up your iPhone and put a dent in your wallet.

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