iPhone 5(s) and SE

Enerplex Surfr Solar Charging Case Unbox and Install


A Pink iPhone case isn’t bad…is it?

The Enerplex Surfr solar charging case is a thin (relatively) iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s case that has a 2000 mAh battery and offers the ability to charge using the solar panel on the back of the case.

Installing the case is quite simple and the iPhone sits snug in the batter case. The Enerplex Surfr is charged through a micro-usb cable but it doesn’t include a headphone jack extension so it’ll be interesting to see how much hassle it is to use the iPhone case.

The case was suggested to us by one of our viewers, Brian Weber. Based on his recommendation, we contacted Enerplex and they were very willing to send us a case to review which is awesome. At the end of our review, we will be giving this case away so stay tuned.

One of the things we’re looking forward to doing is to see how long it takes the Enerplex Surfr Solar Charging Case to charge from direct sunlight. We’re going to drain the case completely and leave outside which will give us a good idea of how much energy this battery case can capture.

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